Delfina Gérez Bosco came out in defense of Ricky Diotto for his conflict with María Fernanda Callejón: “I believe in what he tells me”

Delfina Gérez Bosco came out in defense of Ricky Diotto for his conflict with María Fernanda Callejón: “I believe in what he tells me”
Delfina Gérez Bosco came out in defense of Ricky Diotto for his conflict with María Fernanda Callejón: “I believe in what he tells me”

Delfina Gerez Bosco came out in defense of her partner (Video: Socios del Espectáculo – El Trece)

In the midst of the tense situation between Ricky Diotto and his ex-wife María Fernanda Callejón, his current partner Delfina Gerez Bosco came to his defense. After the actress’s statements in Mirtha’s Night (The thirteen)who claimed that she suffered gender violence from her ex-husband and father of her only daughter, Giovanna, for which she filed a complaint in court, the model took the side of the musician and expressed his position.

“He said that Justice was aware of everything about the complaint. “I don’t want to say things that I don’t know and didn’t see, okay?” said the former participant of The Famous Hotel (The Thirteen) to Show Partners about the ex-vedette’s story, who pointed out that their separation was due, among other things, to “a push.” In that sense, she continued: “I asked him the first time I saw him, because when you’re meeting someone, I talk like any woman in the world. I told him ‘hey, is this situation you had with your wife true?’ I experienced violent situations in my family, so I can perceive if someone can go that way., but nothing to do with me. I love him”.

When consulted by Diotto’s personality, Gerez Bosco pointed out that it is “A Simple guy”. Clearly he does not show himself as he really is because he is not a media guy, although he was linked to someone in the media for many years. When I saw him, I recognized him for that… he has a beautiful family, he has friends who love him, he talks about normal things. Clearly, I am a very passionate person, so I try to take care of myself with words and you know a lot of things, even more than me,” he expressed cautiously.

The couple appeared publicly in the middle of a show a month ago (Instagram)

Regarding María Fernanda’s accusations, Delfina stated: “There are things that I did not experience, so I cannot speak. I mean I’m part of Ricky’s life so far, but what I notice… I can’t talk about her because I don’t know her.”, he ended up saying. “Do you think that seeing Fernanda again changed all that? Do you think that Ricky felt that fear again knowing that there was a complaint filed? Because Fernanda may or may not be lying, but there is a complaint,” Matías Vázquez, the chronicler, asked the actress in reference to her meeting at the event that took place at the Colón theater. “I’m going to make a mistake, but “If I reported someone because I was afraid of them, I would never ask for a photo.”he stated, ending by apologizing with “I screwed up…”.

Delfina Gerez Bosco referred to the legal situation of her partner and Maria Fernanda Callejon in the midst of their divorce (Video: Socios del Espectáculo – El Trece)

Later, Delfina continued to defend her partner. “I talk everything with him. I don’t want to discredit. There are many things he says that are not true. I don’t feel like that. I can’t say it wasn’t because I wasn’t there. As a woman I speak about it, because if a friend comes and tells me something…”, she stated, regarding Callejón’s visit to Mirtha Legrand’s cycle. Furthermore, he assured that “in theory, Justice will soon say certain issues that have to be divided, half and half in favor of each one.”

“What I mean, Although his name is not stained because he works and is highly respected in his profession, you have to be careful. The labels are easy to apply. There are a lot of guys in the middle who are violated by their girlfriends, I’m not saying that’s their case, but I have many friends who have gone through that,” the model launched, at another point in the note, to the team of Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares.

Immediately afterwards, the former participant of El Hotel de los Famosos confessed that she is getting to know her partner progressively, so she still He did not meet the daughter he has in common with the ex-vedette. “We are super respectful, we are seeing that it happens organically. We don’t see each other much during the week because we have our things, we have our respective jobs and children, but we talk… We want to take care of our relationship”, he added. “I believe what he tells me. “I love Ricky”he concluded.

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