Milena Warthon responds to Gian Marco for asking her to ignore criticism and refers to Salim Vera after debate: “I didn’t know him”

Milena Warthon responds to Gian Marco for asking her to ignore criticism and refers to Salim Vera after debate: “I didn’t know him”
Milena Warthon responds to Gian Marco for asking her to ignore criticism and refers to Salim Vera after debate: “I didn’t know him”

Milena Warthon responded to Gianmarco for his advice and referred to Salim Vera.

Milena Warthon does not stop. After having collaborated with Kayfex for the topic ‘Mooring’, the Peruvian singer launched ‘Cholita Linda’, song that originated as a result of the discrimination he suffers on social networks due to his physical appearance and cultural identity.

Prior to this, the artist was encouraged to expose the hurtful messages she usually receives, in order to achieve reflection on the matter. What I never imagine is that one’s own Gian Marco Zignago would speak out and write below your post. In addition to highlighting her as a singer, she asked her to ignore people’s bad comments.

In conversation with Infobae Peru, Milena Warthon He referred to this unexpected advice. Furthermore, he commented on Salim Vera, with whom he had a ‘heated’ debate, which ended up being an advertising campaign. The singer gives us details of this approach and she confesses that despite knowing about her career, she is not a fan of her music.

Milena, tell me about ‘Cholita Linda’, how did you feel encouraged to address racial discrimination?

It is a topic that has always been present in my life. My parents are migrants, almost all of my family is from the province, 90%. I also have a lot of family abroad. Addressing it was important to me, this song is very special.

Does it have a lot to do with the attacks you have received online?

Yes, I generate an emotional bond with my songs. It’s not a song that just occurred to me, it has a special meaning for me, it’s the truest way to express myself.

Many may think that you take advantage of some topics, that you are not authentic. What can you say about it?

I believe that talking about your own story is the most authentic thing you can do, because it is yours, it is not anyone else’s. But, hey, for tastes and colors. Everyone can have their opinion, but I think it is the most true to me, rather, if I were talking about something less specific, it could be less authentic. As I tell you, I try to give that emotional link to my songs, because for me, my career is that, my life. I’m telling it through my music.

Milena Warthon defends her authenticity when choosing the topics she addresses in her songs.

In one of your publications where you expose users who insult you, Gian Marco spoke out. He says ignore the insults and focus on yourself, how did you take it?

I never thought he would react to my post, I was surprised. I don’t know him personally, I think it’s nice that he knows about my work. I think the publication generated quite an impact, there are many people who think like me, who are against these comments and do not normalize them. He said he shouldn’t give it any importance, and that’s valid. One speaks based on his experience, I believe that there are times when it is good to make it public for a purpose, which is to teach a lesson.

Gian Marco Zignago recommended Milena Warthon not to listen to criticism. (Photo: Instagram)

Did you take his recommendation well?

Yes of course. I respect her. Any of the ways of dealing with attacks is totally valid. As long as you take care of her mental health, it is something very complex. Ignoring it and pretending that it does not exist is a strategy to move forward. In my case, I am not calm if he did not use it to teach a lesson with it, a specific message. For me that is very important, to combat them and not normalize offenses. I can’t turn a blind eye.

Gian Marco advises Milena Warthon not to pay attention to criticism.

Currently, how does criticism on social media affect you emotionally?

I think it is always a process, there are ups and downs. Nothing is stable on this path. Some things affect me more than others, and that’s not bad, we are human. It’s okay to be sad, but then you have to move on. It’s what I have planned.

You teamed up with Salim for a campaign. First there was a war of messages where you defended Andean pop and he defended rock. Did you know the singer before?

No, I didn’t know him personally.. I think the conversation has been quite funny, a debate that has not hurt anyone and a beautiful message was achieved, that not all of us like the same thing, but we must respect it. We even announced that we are preparing a song together.

Milena Warthon and her debate with Salim Vera. I.G.

Have you heard Salim’s music before?

A bit, The truth is I would be lying to you if I told you that I am a super fan of him, because that is not the case. My parents didn’t make me listen to rock when I was little. The music I listened to was Andean. I know about Salim from the songs that play about him on the radio, I have heard him when I was older. I know about his career, that they are preparing a concert. I was pleased to meet him.

Salim Vera and Milena Warthon caused a stir on social media for a ‘debate’ on musical genres. (Instagram)

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