Rose Hanbury will be at the coronation and Kate Middleton put the dots on William, the Prince of Wales

Rose Hanbury is a model that became the focus of the scandal after compromising images came to light with William, Prince of Wales. With the coronation of Carlos III just around the corner and the family crisis, it seems that Hanbury will be present and Kate Middleton she again set conditions for her husband.

This would be the most recent infidelity in the history of clandestine love affairs of the British monarchy. But the situation worsens when he learns that Rose was one of the closest friends of the Princess of Wales.

The conditions that Kate Middleton put on William, Prince of Wales, for the coronation

The romantic history of the princes of Wales is pure knowledge. To this day, the British press refers to Kate as a product worked by her mother so that she could rub shoulders with royalty. Prince William was known in his youth for dating multiple women whenever he asked Middleton for time.

Rose Hanbury with Kate Middleton and William, Prince of Wales

It seems that it was in this way that Rose reappeared in the life of the heir to the throne. Hanbury is a British model and the wife of David Rocksavage, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley and who was made “Lord Honorary to King Charles”. This data is key to understanding her closeness to Prince William.

And it is that one of the sons of the lover of the heir and Rocksavage will have a role as Page of the king. That is to say, he will be at the service of the British monarch, in charge of holding Carlos’ robes together with Prince George, eldest son of the princess and prince of Wales. For this reason, there is a good chance that Kate and Rose will come face to face.

The alleged photos of Prince William kissing Rose Hanbury

But the future queen of the United Kingdom went ahead and put the points on her husband, as well as set conditions for them to continue the affair without hindering his path to the throne. Kate reported that she does not want to interact with Hanbury under any circumstances, the magazine revealed. Brand.

However, the Princess of Wales will have to watch as Prince George and the son of the third discord work together to serve their king in one of the most important events of the year.

They discovered the secrets of Rose Hanbury: the alleged lover of Prince William
Rose Hanbury

The assistance of Rose Hanbury and the role of his son as Page caused the comparison of the behavior of Carlos III with Lady Di, several years ago, and how he urges his son to William, Prince of Walestreat the same way to Kate Middleton.

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