Rodolfo Hernández is in “serious health” due to terminal cancer: Legal Medicine confirms

A medical expert opinion from the National Institute of Legal Medicine will be definitive in determining the sentence that the former senator, Rodolfo Hernández Suárez, must serve, despite having been found guilty in the Vitalogic corruption scandal.

Rodolfo Hernández Suárez, businessman and politician from Santander.

A medical report from National Institute of Legal Medicine will be definitive to influence whether The former mayor of Bucaramanga, Rodolfo Hernández is deprived of liberty or notdespite having been found guilty of the crime of undue interest in the execution of a contract.

This was confirmed a few days after the Tenth Criminal Circuit Judge with Knowledge Functions of Bucaramanga handed down the sentence against the former senator and leader of the Anti-Corruption League, within the framework of the corruption scandal known as Vitalogic,

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Vanguard had access to the final medical report issued by Forensic Medicine. In the document that includes Rodolfo Hernández’s medical history Since mid-2023, the National Institute concludes that The former president is a patient with a “serious state of health” due to the terminal cancer he suffers from.which is why it requires special attention that must be guaranteed by the police and prison authorities, in the event that the judge in the case determines that he must pay his sentence for the Vitalogic scandal in a prison center.

“…due to his condition as a terminally ill patient with cancer (…) allow us to substantiate a serious state of health due to illness, to determine compatibility with life in prison it is necessary that the judicial authority together with the prison authorities verify that the means are available. to continue guaranteeing controls and continuity of treatment according to the diagnoses”, concludes Legal Medicine.

It should be noted that this medical opinion was issued by the Institute of Legal Medicine on April 5, that is, weeks before the emergency surgery to which the former local president had to undergo in mid-May.

Definitive expert opinion

According to the medical document, the examination carried out on Rodolfo Hernández was carried out by order of the judge in the case, as a tool of legal support to be able to decide the sentence to be imposed against Rodolfo Hernández for the crime of undue interest in the execution of consulting contract No. 096 of 2016for $360 million, concluded between the Municipal Cleaning Company of Bucaramanga, Emab, and the consultant Jorge Alarcón, when Hernández Suárez served as mayor and president of the board of directors of that entity.

Ruling will be issued on June 13 and from now on Rodolfo Hernández announced that he will appeal, resorting to all judicial and civil instances.

I am going to appeal not only to justice, I am going to appeal first of all to the more than 10 million Colombians who voted for me, and also to those who did not vote for me. I am going to appeal to the good citizens who know very well the harm that politicking has done to the country, and to justice. He appealed to the justice system, the students and the academy to review the case. I appeal to them by telling them my truth”said Hernández.

Defense strategy

Similarly, the former mayor of Bucaramanga, who was recently hospitalized in the ICU after a surgical procedure, announced that this will be the first of several videos that he will publish in the future to prove his innocence.

In that sense, Hernández Suárez started his defense strategy by denying having met the former Emab advisor, Jorge Alarcón, who gave the viability to sign the million-dollar contract for the treatment of solid waste with new technologies in Bucaramanga with Vitalogic.

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Likewise, the former senator denied having had any relationship with Luis Andelfo Trujillo, the businessman who ‘turned on’ the fan on the entire Vitalogic corruption scandal when Luis Carlos Hernández did not comply with a brokerage contract for the award of the multimillion-dollar contract.

The truth is that I never met that Mr. Alarcón that they say I wanted to benefit. Nor have I ever met Mr. Luis Andelfo Trujillo, a witness against me, in my life. That I never, ever benefited from any type of contract. That I never, ever kept a single cent of public money”Hernández added.

Rodolfo Hernández announced that he will appeal the sentence against him.

Furthermore, both the Prosecutor’s Office and the other witnesses in the process have confirmed the friendly relationship that existed between Rodolfo Hernández and Alarcón.

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