UdeC maintained health, food and well-being care during the meteorological emergency

UdeC maintained health, food and well-being care during the meteorological emergency
UdeC maintained health, food and well-being care during the meteorological emergency

After the declaration of a disaster zone for the entire Biobío region as a result of the strong frontal system that hit the central-southern area starting on Wednesday, June 12, the University of Concepción, through the Directorate of Student Services, headed by Cecilia Pérez Díaz, after coordination with each campus, determined to continue delivering lunches to UdeC scholarship recipients and Food Scholarship Scholarships for Higher Education (BAES) in casinos on the three UdeC campuses, as well as maintaining health care that required attention. in person, determining that only mental health hours will be carried out electronically.

Thus, specifically in the Los Patos casino on the Concepción Campus, More than 300 students were able to have lunch regularly on Thursday, June 13 and Friday, June 14, thanks to the shifts carried out by DISE workers and the Nutriserv dealership.

Likewise, on the Concepción campus, shifts were maintained to receive students who arrived at their scheduled times in general medicine, midwifery, dental health, nursing and emergency cases. Although some agendas were modified, the majority of students attended their office hours, according to what was reported by the unit.

The Student Welfare team, meanwhile, continued to provide assistance through institutional email and social networks; and also continues to receive emails related to cases associated with the emergency, referring the daily cases received to management for internal aid management.

Regarding the operation of the DISE during the emergency, Director Cecilia Pérez highlighted the teams’ ability to quickly organize shifts and thus continue providing services that are of utmost relevance to the university life of the student community. “Although, specifically, the city of Concepción and its inhabitants were in the midst of great stress due to everything that had happened, I relieve the spirit of service of the DISE professionals on the three campuses, who, from the sense of Due to the urgency, they adjusted their daily agendas to continue providing services that are vital to the student community, such as food, physical health and mental health, so important in complex times. Regarding the effects on the frontal system, The Student Welfare team continues to receive information through the email [email protected] to channel the different cases and organize the internal help that we can provide as a university, just as was done in the fires and floods of previous years and months.”

Inspections of university homes

During the emergency, the DISE Director, Cecilia Pérez, toured the three university homes currently operating: Los Tilos, Rengo and Los Aguilera. During the inspection she was able to verify that only the Los Tilos home suffered flooding in the underground, a situation that was quickly attended to by staff from the same home to protect its residents.

“Given the intensity of the rain, the capacity to evacuate the water with the pump that exists in the home was not enough, so there was a flood in the underground. The four students who were in that section of the home at that time were transferred to another space in the same house without any problems. We hope that when the winter season passes we will be able to carry out the larger works in that place. In general, all the homes worked well with the residents who stayed, as several students traveled to their hometowns. The managers of the homes stayed doing their jobs, attending to any emergencies that might arise.”

It should be noted that in-person activities resumed this Monday, June 17, and that during the next few days the DISE will coordinate the internal aid necessary to support affected students, so as to also support their academic continuity.

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