Chato Prada’s threat to Marcelo Tinelli after his dismissal: “If he speaks, his career will end”

Wednesday, May 1, 2024


The bomb that Marcelo Tinelli and their production company tried to hide it ended up finally exploding. It is that he Chato Prada He would have been fired from LaFlia, so he was alerted to the large number of secrets that the producer could reveal as revenge.

The controversy came to light at the hands of the journalist Nacho Rodriguez: “Scoop. They fired Chato Prada from LaFlia. He will only continue in his position in America.” Although an attempt was made to deny this, the only thing that was achieved was that the internal relationship between the producer, Federico Hoppe and Marcelo Tinelli.

In this sense, comments rained down on the journalist on social networks for having exposed this scoop. “A quilombo is going to break out… A Qui lom Bo”, was one of those that resonated the most, since Nacho He chose to respond and warn about a possible threat.

The journalist mentioned that there is a certain fear in the driver’s environment and they try to keep the driver Chato Prada agree, since he knows a lot and it could harm his career forever: “If Chato speaks, Marce’s career is over forever.”

In this tune, Paula Varela, in Socios del Espectáculo, provided details of what happens behind closed doors: “Marcelo says that this is not real, that Chato is not unrelated at all. “What there would be is a fight with Hoppe that would move to Tinelli.”

“Marcelo and Chato are planning a new program with Maru Botana. The relationship is divided between Chato and Fede. The truth is that they do not want to say specifically what happened but they have asked to work separately,” he noted about the decision to remove the Chato Prada of the main LaFlia project.

Fearing what he may say, Adrián Pallares revealed that there would be a key position in America that could be left to the producer: “In America, Fernanda Merdeni is leaving. She is a Production Manager and the idea is for Chato to rise. instead. That is a very different management than production because it handles many areas.”

“What does this mean, that Marcelo Tinelli as Production Manager should ask him for a budget for the products and so on,” he indicated about the role he could begin to fulfill to leave him satisfied and avoid further inconveniences.

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