Luisa Fernanda W talks about how her children changed her life

Luisa Fernanda W talks about how her children changed her life
Luisa Fernanda W talks about how her children changed her life

Luisa Fernanda W is a content creator popular in Colombia for her fashion and beauty content. On Instagram alone he has 19 million followers, with whom he shares some facets of his personal and professional life.

Since she began her relationship with the singer Pipe Bueno, the paisa had to face a wave of negative comments from Internet users. They met a few months after the death of her then partner, Fabio Legarda, who died in a tragic robbery attempt.

Despite criticism, their love has endured and they have been together for five years. In mid-2020, they both decided to start a family. In October, their first child was born: Máximo.

Two years later, the celebrities surprised their followers again with the arrival of their second firstborn: Domenic, on October 27, 2022. From that moment, the love that exists between them is evident. In several publications, the ‘influencer’ shares how she has experienced this process and the time she spends paying full attention to her upbringing.

Luisa Fernanda W reveals that she did not want to be a mother

Luisa Fernanda W was invited to the interview format ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’, There, he opened his heart and revealed unpublished details of his personal life, his relationship and children.

Although she shares the love she has for Máximo and Domenic on social media, being a mother was not initially in her plans. Before meeting Pipe Bueno, she was clear that she was not prepared to assume a responsibility of that magnitude.

“I never wanted to be a mother, I was in my life thinking about something else, I wanted to travel, I wanted to enjoy my life in another way,” he stated to the program.

However, after being in the relationship and feeling the love and support of her partner, the doubts were left behind and she took that step.

In his own words, having had Máximo and Domenic is something that does not change for anything. ““I look at my two children and I can’t believe they are mine.”he expressed.

In addition, he added that time passes very quickly: “It seems magical to me, at what moment they were born, they were in the belly and they are already giants.”

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