Luis Miguel goes viral for a photo that shows him with a look without makeup: “He looks like Dracula,” they say on the networks

The Mexican idol was captured in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Las Vegas.

“What happened to Luis Miguel?” is one of the questions that was repeated the most on the networks in the last few hours regarding a particular image of the Sun of Mexico.

Specifically, the Mexican singer was captured while visiting the Mr. Chow restaurant, one of the most exclusive in Las Vegas, where he was immortalized looking strange.

“He looks like Dracula”, “the real Luis Miguel, without filters”, “he looks like a lady”, “now he looks his age”, “The walking dead”, “the clone” and “What happened to him?” were other reactions that emerged on the web.

And of course, Luis Miguel appears in the records in an aesthetic mode in which he appears messy and without makeup. Everything is very strange.

Now, the photo in question also generated criticism of Sol de México because they accuse it of abusing filters in its previous publications.

A new surprise from Luis Miguel for his fans regarding his look, which has changed radically over the years.

Look here, the recent photo that made Luis Miguel go viral:


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