Britney Spears filmed herself naked on a beach in Mexico and reflected on her relationship with her parents

Britney Spears filmed herself naked on a beach in Mexico and reflected on her relationship with her parents
Britney Spears filmed herself naked on a beach in Mexico and reflected on her relationship with her parents

Britney Spears revealed that she suffered from “serious nerve damage” caused by her family, which affected her ability to think properly at certain times. (Credits: Instagram/@britneyspears)

Britney Spears has opened up again about his health and personal experiences through a post on Instagram that he later deleted. The pop star addressed the trauma she has experienced, particularly the “serious nerve damage” which, according to her, her family caused her. Additionally, she expressed a desire to forgive her parents, although she mentioned the difficulties that come with it.

In the extensive message she wrote on the social network, Spears stated: “All I can do is try to wake up with a prayer that connects me in a loving way, not made of fear or threats, but trying to forgive the people who caused the right side of my body to have serious nerve damage where sometimes I can’t even think”.

In a since-deleted post, the singer expressed her desire to forgive her parents, although she admitted that it is an “extremely difficult” process due to the emotional impact of her experience. (Credits: Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, file)

“I have to be the bigger person and forgive my own parents.”, the star continued in the same publication. “But that is extremely difficult! “I will do my best to let him go and not let others down with my anger!”

The “Toxic” singer also reflected on her work ethic, especially in relation to her social media posts. Spears explained, “I try to do 30 posts a month… I used to do 12 a month… so people can understand why I work so hard!”

Britney Spears detailed that, despite her efforts to work hard, she feels that she has not yet overcome the trauma experienced during her conservatorship.

“There was a time when I was held in one place against my will for a long time… well, to be honest, I haven’t been the same since,” she continued. “I thought because I stopped doing so much IG back then, like 7 posts a month, they thought I wasn’t working hard enough, so I’ve been working harder ever since! But the thing I realize now is that there was nothing wrong with me!

I’m not here to be a victim. I’m here to express that even though I wrote a book about my experiences, the trauma is still there and probably always will be. It’s extremely deep and as far as I know, all I can do is do the best I can and know that it’s okay to be upset some days or not okay. And that’s something I feel like the world hasn’t allowed me to do!”wrote.

Spears confessed that she has tried to make 30 posts a month to show her work capacity, unlike the 12 she used to make before. (Credits: Instagram/Maria River Red)

Britney Spears visited Mexico with the intention of relaxing in a paradisiacal destination, but during her stay she faced some unforeseen events. The singer revealed that she was scammed by a woman in a storepaid USD 750 dollars (approximately 12,000 Mexican pesos) for purchases that only cost USD 300 dollars (approximately 5,000 Mexican pesos).

Despite this incident, Spears took advantage of her time in Mexico to rest and enjoy various activities. The artist shared that she swam naked in the sea every night at 3 in the morning (and posted a video without clothes), drank expensive wine, sang in the shower, and made 12 videos in her new favorite dresses.

The pop singer was traveling in Mexico and published an unexpected video for all her fans

He also mentioned that for the first time he told him “Fuck off” to someone and that he read all the books available in the hotel where he was staying. Spears’ social media posts, although later deleted, were captured by her followers, who spread the details of her experience in Mexico.

The singer’s fans expressed their concern and disapproval for the scam she suffered, but they also showed satisfaction in knowing that she was able to enjoy a few days of well-deserved rest after years of problems and stressful situations.

Despite deleting her posts, Britney Spears’ followers captured and spread the details of her trip to Mexico.

Since the conclusion of her conservatorship, Spears has used her Instagram account to share her thoughts and experiences, often posting videos of her dance routines that have generated both admiration and concern among her followers.

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