He was a schoolmate of Nahir Galarza and by chance he ended up acting in his film: “At 14 she faked her kidnapping.”

He was a schoolmate of Nahir Galarza and by chance he ended up acting in his film: “At 14 she faked her kidnapping.”
He was a schoolmate of Nahir Galarza and by chance he ended up acting in his film: “At 14 she faked her kidnapping.”

A former schoolmate of Nahir Galarza revealed that the young woman was homophobic (Video América)

After many speculations and theories about the case, this May 22nd it was released nahirthe film that recounts the murder committed by Nahir Galarza. From the testimonies on which it was based to the facts it did not show, the film received all kinds of criticism. But beyond that, a striking event occurred during the recording of the film. And one of the supporting actors revealed that hShe had been a schoolmate of the girl from Entre Ríos.

What seemed to be the shooting of just another movie became an unprecedented event for Santiago Jaimovich. The boy had gotten a role as an extra in a film, but until filming began he had not told anyone about his relationship with the young woman on which the story was based. Once the costumers found out about the situation, they made him meet the director, who took him to Valentina Zenere, the leading actress of the film and the one in charge of portraying Nahir. From then on, the actress ‘bombarded’ the young man with hundreds of questions to perfect her representation of the events.

Thus, this Friday, Jaimovich was invited to THE M (America) to talk about his experience and tell different aspects of Galarza. In this way, Ángel de Brito addressed the topic: “It’s been a lot of years, right? Secondary and part of primary. Did she have violent outbursts or was she a calm girl?” After reflecting for a few seconds, the actor responded: “No, not that I remember violence. It did happen that he invented things, for example invented his kidnapping. Nahir in approximately 2014, we would have been 15 years old, she said that she had been kidnapped. In her diary they say that she went in a car, but I remember that she had said that she was a white van, that they had kidnapped her, that they had blindfolded her, that she felt that she had been drugged. Nahir said that she couldn’t understand much, but she understood that they were Paraguayans.”

A former schoolmate of Nahir Galarza said that in her adolescence the young woman had invented her kidnapping (Video América)

Then, the young man continued and revealed a fundamental fact that revealed Galarza’s personality: “She disappeared all day, no one knew anything. Later that night she appeared alone. She said that they had thrown her in an open field, that they had raped her. Afterwards she had medical studies and The specialists said that they had not done anything”.

After consulting the little angels, Jaimovich highlighted why he believed that Nahir invented his kidnapping: “She wanted attention. The whole city talked about this topic, but no, she never came out to say anything, she never clarified it. The city was very worried for many days. People only knew that she had been kidnapped at siesta time.”

Another detail of the film is the representation made of Fernando Gabriel Pastorizzo, who has violent attitudes. In this regard, the actor commented: “What It is said in the city that he was a very quiet kid., which was always like that, I think that in the film they show some audio of them arguing. “I spoke with part of the family, as a result of the issue on networks, and they are fights that one has when he is a child.”

Some time later, the young man went on to tell the beginning of his relationship with Nahir and how he went through the school years with her: “Nahir started with us in third grade. He sat at the back of the class. She was quiet, but she wasn’t shy. She spoke little but when she had to tell you something she told you concisely and made it clear to you. She didn’t show much of her personality. Only when you came into trust with her. I didn’t trust her because she didn’t like me. She was quite homophobic, I don’t know if she has opened her mind more now.”

Upon revealing this information, the actor continued his story by remembering a situation that he had witnessed during his graduate trip: “There was a special situation in Bariloche, at the bizarre party that is normally held, where the women dressed in something funny and the men Men fall into the basics of dressing as women. I go up to the bathroom and see all the friends gathered outside, as if worried, and Nahir was crying inside, practically having a panic attack because she was very homophobic and couldn’t see men dressed as women.

Finally, after reviewing Galarza’s case and highlighting the pain that Fernando Gabriel Pastorizzo’s family had suffered, Santiago Jaimovich said: “I hope that a murderer stops being idealized and more importance is given to the victim, who was Fernando.”.

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