Morena Rial caused outrage after clarifying a detail about her pregnancy

Always giving something to talk about, Morena Rial is not immune to controversy even when she is pregnant. Thus, while Jorge Rial’s daughter is going through her “sweet wait,” her followers questioned her about a decision she made in this stage of pregnancy and that has to do with how she doses the information to the maximum.

What happened to Morena Rial? The media was criticized on her social networks in one of her rounds of questions and answers with her followers, eager to know everything about the baby she is expecting with a boxer from Cordoba named Matías, whom she met a while ago through a mutual friend. .

Morena Rial showed an ultrasound of her baby on the way.

Question that More left a box of questions in his Instagram stories, but when push came to shove, he did not want to share all the information he has. Is she in her right? Of course. Did those who follow her forgive her? Well no. They accused her of pretending to be mysterious to profit from the baby on the way.

Morena Rial announced when she has a due date.

It all started when the young woman clarified that after several ultrasounds, they already told her what she will have. “We already know the sex, we will say it shortly”launched the media, generating great debate on Twitter when several speculated that Morena was silent because she was about to give the scoop in exchange for money in a magazine or television program.

Morena did not want to say the sex of her baby and caused outrage online.

“I met him through a friend. He is preparing to be a professional. I saw him box, he is very good at what he does, and he is difficult to throw. I don’t really like boxing, but I accompany it. “It gives me an impression,” Morena had commented weeks ago to Ciudad Magazine, when they asked him about the father of the little one on the way who will have the lawyer Alejandro Cipolla as godfather.

The truth is that while Francesco’s little brother is pregnant, Morena still has no fixed place to live when the baby arrives in October. “Did your dad get you a place to live here today?“They asked the young woman in Partners of the show, and she reported that not yet, although she noted that “He’s not in it now.”

For his part, Jorge Rial indicated that he does not want to talk about his daughter’s housing issue, saying that “It is an issue that we will solve between us, it is not to be discussed publicly.”

Morena Rial still has no fixed place to live when the baby is born.

“No one has an obligation to do anything, we do have responsibilities, not obligations, that’s the only thing. But I hope she has a very good pregnancy, what I want is for her to be well.”said the journalist who said he had been with Morena “a closeness with limits and responsibility” and? “wounds are being healed.”

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