CDMX will host the first anniversary of Anime Band, an otaku party night

CDMX will host the first anniversary of Anime Band, an otaku party night
CDMX will host the first anniversary of Anime Band, an otaku party night

Today, anime is an integral part of Latin American entertainment and youth culture with massive events. (Image: Maxim Shemetov/REUTERS)

Turn off your computer, save the manga you’re reading, and log out of Crunchyroll. The Mexico City will have an event dedicated to anime fans with the arrival of the Otaku Party. Event at which it will be presented Anime Banda musical group dedicated to performing covers of Asian music to celebrate their First anniversary.

You can also show off your best outfits inspired by your favorite character since, although it is not mandatory, the celebration will have the main theme of cosplay. Dynamic that seeks to encourage coexistence between the community that loves animation Japanese.

For this anniversary event, not only will Anime Band perform, but other prominent figures in the field will also participate. Among the guests are the anime music band Bakemonosinger and arranger AnnieKin addition to Music and DJ Karamel Chanwho will offer mixes of J-pop and K-pop.

The Otaku Party It is intended for an adult audience due to the presence of alcoholic beverages and a nightclub-type atmosphere. Organizers have emphasized the importance of carrying official identification to enter the event.

Starting at 7PM, the doors will open to welcome the Otaku community. (Image: Peace Forum)

The band made up of 14 artists is dedicated to playing the best anime hits with a orchestra live. His show takes a tour through different times and genres, with soundtracksopenings and songs from Shoujo and Shonen series

Between the songswhich They have versions in Spanish and Japanese, as well as original arrangements combining classic and current elements to take you on a journey full of action and feeling. Their concerts They seek to have a carefully executed production to ensure the viewer a experience unique full of emotions.

Date: June 22, 2024

Schedule: from 7:00 p.m.

Price: Presale $300, day of event $350

Place: La Paz Forum, Avenida de la Paz 57, San Ángel

Within its repertoire are hits from series such as Sailor Moon, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, Candy Candy, Ranma 1⁄2, Yuri on Ice!, Nana and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure among others. (Image:

The anime came to Mexico and Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s, mainly through open television. Series like “Astro Boy,” “Mazinger Z,” and “Heidi” were among the first to introduce this style of Japanese animation to the local audience. By the 90s, the popularity of anime grew significantly with the series broadcast such as “Dragon Ball”, “Sailor Moon” and “The Knights of the Zodiac” on children’s channels.

The public’s reception was initially one of surprise and curiosity due to the cultural and stylistic difference from Western animated series. However, the plot complex, the developed characters and the varied themes present in these series managed to quickly capture the attention of children and adolescents. These programs maintained high levels of audience and encouraged the development of communities of fans who organized meetings, exchanged merchandise and discussed their favorite series.

This influence of anime continued to grow over time, spreading to other areas of the world. popular culture. The arrival of the Internet and the ease of accessing online content contributed to a greater diffusion of new series and films, promoting a market niche that continues to expand. Today, anime is an integral part of Latin American entertainment and youth culture with Massive events as conventions and festivals dedicated exclusively to this genre.

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