Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía reappear hand in hand in court

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía reappear hand in hand in court
Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía reappear hand in hand in court

Gerard Piqué went to the City of Justice in Barcelona this Monday accompanied by Clara Chía to face the trial for harassment against the popular paparazzi Jordi Martín. The couple was seen in front of the journalists present. very sweet and entering the courts holding hands. An unmistakable sign that her love story is going through its best moment.

Since their romance came to light in 2022, there have been very few times in which both have been seen together publicly. However, on this occasion Clara Chía’s presence was more than necessary since The young woman has had to narrate her experience in front of the judge during the months in which she was in the eye of the hurricane for her relationship with Shakira’s ex-boyfriend.

Upon her arrival, Clara Chía has tried to hide from the cameras under dark sunglasses at all times, although without success since the photographers captured the entire entrance to the courts. Gerard Piqué’s attitude has been very different from that of his lover since the president of the Kings League He has reappeared smiling and walking firmly without caring about the presence of the press.

Measures against Jordi Martín

The particular ‘war’ between Gerard Piqué and Jordi Martín began when the former soccer player and Shakira announced their separation after ten years together. Days after the breakup, the paparazzi revealed that the Catalan had been disloyal to the singer with an anonymous young woman, Clara Chía.

Information that generated a great revolution and that turned Clara Chía into one of the faces most persecuted by the gossip press. A true media persecution for which Piqué decided to sue Jordi Martín when he felt “harassed” and for which He demands a restraining order so that they cannot be approached closer than three thousand meters.

In the complaint, Piqué and Clara Chía claim that on May 4, Jordi Martín accessed a private area, specifically a parking lot, to take several photographs of them. For its part, The paparazzi defends himself by claiming that at all times he worked from public roadsas established by law.

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