the night that Big Brother won without Santiago del Moro, who was celebrating on the American screen

Was a different Sunday on open television, not just because it was Father’s Day or because it was the eve of a holiday. The thing is APTRA set June 16 as the night of the 2024 Martín Fierro radio awards and Santiago del Moro was one of the nominees from the party that América broadcast live. Then, the driver of Big Brother He could not command the usual elimination gala on Telefe. The channel decided to move another Big Brother format, The Night of the Exeswhich usually goes on Fridays.

And, then, at the time when Del Moro usually says “Who should leave the house is…”, The host of El club del Moro was about to go on stage to receive the Martín Fierro de Oro for his work on FM. A few minutes later Nelson Castro did the same, but for his work in AM.

Far from other years in which the APTRA awards gala was the most watched of the day, This time it was not even among the five most viewed. The ceremony, led by Karina Mazzocco and Fernando Dente, with several sloppiness of rhythm and contentwas at the top of the channel, but far from the Top Five.

Without Santiago del Moro, then, The Big Brother special with the debate between the exes was the most watched this Sunday the 16th, with an average of 9.8 points, quite a distance from the usual 16/17. Second place went to perfect escapewith 8.8 and in third place was the National chainall three on the Telefe screen.

Fer Dente and Karina Mazzocco hosted the radio Martín Fierro. It was not a very neat transmission.

The table of Top five closed the cycle Cinema Shampoo from El Trece, which broadcast the film creed 3 and it was worth 6.1, and with DirecTV Go: spying on the houseby Telefe, with 5.6.

The other channels

In Elnueve he prevailed Relentless with 1.1. In America he led the Martín Fierro radio ceremonywith an average of 4.3, high figure, at least, for the typical coldness of that screen. On Public Television, which improves its numbers on weekends, the most watched was The TC final with 2.2.

In Net the cycle was up Cinema Netwith the movie The crime mansionwith 0.5 and Bravo had a maximum mark of 0.1, thanks to The value of your jewelry.

The averages for each station

Fury vs. El Chino: will it be the final hand this Monday night?

Telefe won the day with 5.6 overall average rating points (6.9 points less than the previous week, when he televised Argentina’s friendly match). El Trece was placed second, with 4.4. Third, América with 1.9, which allowed it to surpass Elnueve, which garnered just 0.7.

With emergency programming, between canning, repetitions and few live broadcasts, Public TV achieved 0.6 and this time it was able to surpass Net TV, which got 0.2. And the table closed with Bravo and his meager 0.

This Monday, June 17, the broadcast of Big Brother will open its door again to meet the new eliminated among the four nominees: Bautista, Furia, El Chino and Emmanuel. Darío, the leader, and Nicolás, the saved one, are off the plate. Starting tonight at midnight there will be five semi-finalists for the closing date on July 7.

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