Marcela Tauro revealed the internal conflicts between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano: “He canceled two trips abroad”

Marcela Tauro revealed the internal conflicts between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano: “He canceled two trips abroad”
Marcela Tauro revealed the internal conflicts between Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano: “He canceled two trips abroad”

Marcela Tauro spoke about Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano (Video: Intruders, America)

After a restless night in the Martín Fierro Radio Awards 2024 for Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbanohis controversy at the party was an inevitable topic in Intruders where Marcela Taurusa close friend of the journalist, charged against the police reporter and revealed internally what their relationship would be like, which she described as “toxic.”

“At one point in the night, after what happened, after a while, I was at his table. She comes and tells me ‘Marcela, if they are going to do the topic tomorrow, the ‘271’ that she said in the thank you is me.’ I didn’t hear it and people didn’t understand anything, as if it were a bus line. After a while she came to me and told me ‘it wasn’t for me,’” said the panelist from the América cycle.

“He explained that 271 is a group of friends and Marina is not there,” added Guido Zaffora. “I’m going to say that when they thank you with numbers, it ends badly. Look at Fátima, Milei and the ‘360’… The ‘540’. Look how it ended. “Like the cul…!”, Florencia de la V attacked the supposed code that the couple would have? “There I told him. ‘I’m going to be honest with you, I made a note where I destroyed it.’ I don’t have to get involved and after I made the note it was already too late,” commented Tauro, repentant.

Marina Calabró and Rolando Barbano starred in one of the most talked-about moments at the Martín Fierro de Radio 2024

“Less ‘cute’, I told him everything. I talk to Marina every day and I know the whole situation. All. It is not the first rudeness that he makes to her, for me and seen from my point of view. “Evidently she is blind,” Marcela said harshly. “She is toxic because she doesn’t let go,” she asserted. But she didn’t stop there.

The ‘toxicity’ does not come from her alone. He also encourages it. I work at the same radio station and I am in the hallways. If I don’t want to know anything else with you, then I won’t ‘feed’ you. If on Thursday I’m going to have a drink with you, I’ll spend the night with you and I’ll say no to the others. He’s playing a game,” he dismissed her. While the host of the cycle said that the kiss of love “is the worst” because “it takes you out because it is not about passion.”

Marcela Tauro assured that Marina Calabro’s relationship with Rolando Barbano “is toxic”

“She told us in a chat on the old Intruders that we have that she was bad, crying all afternoon on Sunday,” Guido revealed, at which point Marcela brought to light the reason for the anguish she had before the ceremony. “I’m going to tell you why it was wrong. Marina was not going to go to the delivery of the Martín Fiero and neither was he. They had a trip. She invites him to London. The flight was for yesterday. When they got the ticket they didn’t realize it was Martín Fierro and Father’s Day. He tells her no because she wanted to go to the delivery and wanted to be here for the date,” he revealed.

“She invites him, all first class and in a five-star hotel. “I told him I was going!” she assured. “On the side, there is another trip to Rio de Janeiro, which would be this long weekend,” she continued. “Does she pay for it?” Guido asked. “I think so. She invites him for Father’s Day and I don’t know what. Obviously they have to ask for days because they work in the same place. He also told her no and it is the second trip he has lost… Do the financial calculation, as well as the emotional one,” he said, while ensuring that “he lost the trip to London, but that the one to Rio was able to reschedule it for September.” ”.

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