The alleged murderer of Dr. Velásquez, former manager of Blessd, Cloy and Reykon, is sent to jail | News today|

The alleged murderer of Dr. Velásquez, former manager of Blessd, Cloy and Reykon, is sent to jail | News today|
The alleged murderer of Dr. Velásquez, former manager of Blessd, Cloy and Reykon, is sent to jail | News today|

Dr. Velásquez, music promoter and artist murdered along with his wife.

Photo: Facebook Dr Velásquez

A judge has just preventively sent the main suspect in the murder, Dr. Velásquez, a well-known manager of reggaeton singers, to jail. This is Julián Alberto Quintero Agudelo, uncle of the music businessman’s ex-wife, Juliana Muñoz, and butler of the farm where the murder occurred last weekend.

Quintero Agudelo is accused of murdering the music businessman and his wife, Sofía Riascos Valdez, events recorded last Saturday, June 8 in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Envigado, Antioquia. However, he did not accept charges during the hearing on June 11, in which he was charged with the crime of aggravated homicide and illegal possession of weapons.

During these hearings, the prosecutor in the case has said that, basically, Quintero confessed to the act and that he handed over the weapon with which the double homicide was carried out, but later denied the facts before the judicial courts. According to the judicial official, Quintero activated the weapon after Velásquez insulted the family of the accused murderer.

In the hearings last Friday, June 14, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office asked the judge that this man be imprisoned, since he would represent a danger to society and could obstruct the investigation if he were released. The judge in the case accepted this request and sent Quintero to prison preventively.

The judge indicated that, for now, with the information collected by the Prosecutor’s Office, Quintero would be responsible for the double homicide. However, this guarantee control judge is only responsible for determining whether the alleged murderer will have to be imprisoned while the Prosecutor’s Office calls him to trial to answer for this fact. In this instance, another judge will determine whether he is guilty or not.

Then, the Prosecutor’s Office says, Quintero moved to another area of ​​the farm, more precisely where Velásquez’s partner was sleeping, whom he also shot in the head. The weapon with which the double homicide was committed, warns the investigating entity, was acquired illegally, therefore, he will also have to answer for the crime of illegal possession of weapons.

Daniel Gómez, lawyer for the family of the urban music producer, Daniel Alejandro Velásquez, known as Dr. Velásquez, who was found dead with his partner Sofía Riascos Valdés last Saturday in Envigado, pointed out that during the first interrogations he gave before the Authorities, Julián Alberto Quintero Agudelo, butler of the house where the producer and his partner were found, admitted having been the author of the double homicide. However, now, before the judicial courts, Quintero denied his participation in the incident.

Who was Dr. Velasquez?

His beginnings were as a producer of the urban genre. He participated in the musical works of industry exponents such as Reykon, Maluma, J.Balvin, among others. He worked as a singer-songwriter, producer and businessman since he was 18 years old.

“Dr. Velásquez decided to consolidate a career as a soloist starting in 2015, when he released the single ‘Dime’, which achieved very good acceptance from followers, as well as the Colombian media and other Spanish-speaking countries.

The singer-songwriter from Antioquia, in 2016 and 2017, presented to his fans different musical proposals such as ‘Tú Volveras’ and ‘Brujería’, songs that managed to position him in sister countries such as Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador and Chile in a very short time,” it reads. in the biography on the website of JM World Music, a record label based in Medellín where Velásquez worked.

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