Behind the scenes of Marcelo Tinelli’s interview with Lionel Messi: “It was more of a talk between friends”

Behind the scenes of Marcelo Tinelli’s interview with Lionel Messi: “It was more of a talk between friends”
Behind the scenes of Marcelo Tinelli’s interview with Lionel Messi: “It was more of a talk between friends”

One of the postcards that anticipated the note

“It’s not an interview. It was like a chat with a friend.. We even have many things in common: families, experiences, birthdays…”, he described Marcelo Tinelli the note with Lionel Messi that will be seen from tonight America, a channel of which he is artistic director. The host and journalist recorded the special last week, on a lightning trip with his cousin Luciano Tirri and Federico Hoppe to Miami, where the Argentine team carried out much of the preparation for the America Cup which will begin on Thursday, with the clash between the Albiceleste and Canada, for Group A of the competition.

“I liked it. In a moment Tirri comes in and is going to be funny. And Leo is surprised by something I showed him“, he stressed in dialogue with Infobae about the hour-long one-on-one talk he managed at the Meridien hotelthe world champions’ bunker in Fort Lauderdale.

“It was a very short trip with Luciano Tirri and Fede Hoppe to be able to be with him. We had a wonderful talk, in which we went through all the states. Laughter, emotions, complicity and a lot of love throughout the conversation. Thank you dear Leo Messi for your friendship, for your affection and your respect. It was a pleasure, as always, to be by your side,” Marcelo had anticipated on his Instagram account.

Marcelo Tinelli prepared a new program with Leo Messi

“I love you. We Argentines and everyone in the world love you. You are great on the court, as a person, and you have that humility and that greatness, which makes you different. Next week we will see America this unique interview, with some surprises, with KING LEO”he completed by offering some pills of the content for which Cabezón was dyed pink, the characteristic color of the Inter Miami shirt, the new home of the soccer idol.

The link with La Pulga dates back to the star’s first appearances in the elite, back in 2004. And many of the meetings or winks were reflected on the screen, like when the Under 20 World Champion National Team in 2005 visited the ShowMatch studio and There was a penalty shootout with the player from Rosario as the protagonist. Or the message recorded by the forward one year after the milestone in Qatar.

But the bulk of the relationship ran in intimacy. “I’ve known him since I was 16, a long time. To Jorge, to the mother, to everyone. I am from their generation. He is as old as my oldest daughter,” details Tinelli. “We hit a good vibe with the dad, with the mom, who is a fan of the program. With Rodri and Marisol; with the brothers. With Anto, who is divine too. Very good vibes with everyone, I wanted Celia in Dancing. I was there for his birthday, with Tirri we went to eat at his house in Casteldefels… And he came home last year, after the World Cup,” he listed.

Indeed, in March of last year, La Pulga and his family were at the driver’s home in Nordelta, just months after the milestone in the World Cup, the Albiceleste’s third planetary star. A year later, they were face to face again for the note.

In the middle, there were strong situations that strengthened the bond, and which they talked about in the note. “When he resigned from the National Team -after the lost final in the 2026 Copa América-, I almost didn’t do the program. And I decided to do it and ask the air to please come back.”offered another topic from the special that will serve as an appetizer for the special coverage that the host will do of the competition.

It’s that he spoke with Infobae moments before embarking towards Atlanta, La Scaloneta’s first stop in the defense of the crown. “I will be with Tirri, Fede Hoppe and a filmmaker accompanying Argentina as far as it goes for the networks and for America. Hopefully it will be until the final, what we all want,” he concluded.

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