They separated Costa from Legally Rubia: Laurita Fernández’s former partner spoke

The version that Coast had been abruptly separated from the cast of Legally Blondewhere he participated in the success that stars Laurita Fernandezexploded in the mouth of Pampito and the artist clarified the many in dialogue with City.

According to the journalist Intrudersthe first version stated that Gonzalo Costa “came with different problems with production” and that the drastic decision had been communicated to him this Monday morning in a private meeting.

In the musical inspired by the film Reese witherspoon played Paulettethe manicure of the lawyer Elle Woods.

Costa with Laurita Fernández in Legally Blonde.

Everything was so sudden that he himself Carlos Rottemberggeneral producer of the work, admitted: “The first have been fulfilled three months of contracts, and continuities are evaluated and possibilities of each one. “I don’t know a conclusive answer on the subject until we have a meeting this Wednesday with production.”

Laurita Fernández and the cast of Legalmente Rubia celebrated the 50th performances and the birthday of Santiago Ramundo (Photo: Movilpress).

Finally, from production bleachednon-renewal of your contract attending to your request and accepting your multiple commitments labor problems that prevent it from continuing the season on the bill.”


Faced with the impact of the news, Costa acknowledged to City: “I am very exhausted.”

Costa spoke with Ciudad about her role as Paulette in Legally Blonde before the premiere.

“The work is beautiful and very demanding. And by working so hard I can’t give what they all deserve,” continued the Cortá por Lozano panelist.

“Working so hard I can’t give what they all deserve.”

It’s very painful but that’s what happened to me.“, Costa closed by acknowledging his departure by mutual agreement from the cast of Legalmente Rubia,

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