Tinker Bell is not in ‘Day by Day’. The former ‘Desafío’ participant explained why

Tinker Bell is not in ‘Day by Day’. The former ‘Desafío’ participant explained why
Tinker Bell is not in ‘Day by Day’. The former ‘Desafío’ participant explained why

One of the most beloved participants of this season of XX Challenge It was Campanita, former member of Omega. The Cali dancer earned the affection not only of his colleagues and of the production in general of the reality of Caracol Television, but also that of thousands of viewers, who praised him not only for his physical performance, but also for his outgoing way of being.

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The Cali native was eliminated on June 7. Although many were saddened by the news, the Caracol channel surprised the dancer with great news: being the presenter of Day to day.

Carlos Calero, Catalina Gómez, Carolina Soto, Carolina Cruz, Iván Lalinde, Juan Diego Vanegas and Boyacomán They broke the news to the dancer, who, at that moment, could not hide his emotion.

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This was Campanita’s debut in ‘Día a Día’

Since Monday, June 18, Campanita debuted as a presenter, giving a touch of joy to Caracol Televisión’s morning show. Although it has only been on the air for eight days, these last few days he has been absent.

Through social networks, he explained the reason for his absence, since many of his followers had been asking him, thinking that he would not return.

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“They are asking what happened to me on Día a Día, I did not stop working on Día a Día, obviously I am not going to waste that opportunity, I am not going to be so rude. “My dears, I came to Mexico for a social dance activity, but I ended up here and returned to Bogotá because I’m already settled there,” said.

Internet users have left him messages expressing what they miss in the program and that they hope to see him soon.”How cute Tinker Bell, you are the best. I love you”, “Tinkerbell, I love your happy attitude, God bless you always”, “oh, that’s great, I thought you wouldn’t come back”, “come back, the mornings are not the same without you”, “what cute Tinker Bell, I love watching you day by day”, “you are the one who gives me the first smile of the day, I am happy just seeing you”, “I thought they had already taken him out of the program”, “Tinkerbell will be back soon “Day by Day I hope to see him again to laugh a lot, blessings.”

Why did Tinker Bell break up with her Russian boyfriend?

In his passage through Challenge, Tinkerbell said that he was in love with his boyfriend, a Russian man whom he met in Türkiye. However, a few days ago he revealed that they had broken up.

“I’m done with Alex. He is a wonderful man and the fact that I have given him a break does not mean that I will never speak to him again in my life, because the man behaved super well, but I feel that at this moment in my life it is the best because I won’t have the time he needs; first for the face-to-face issue, because you are very far away, and now regarding the network issue I will not be able to be talking to him all the time,” He said for the environment in which he works.

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