How much are the knives that are eliminated from ‘MasterChef’ worth?

How much are the knives that are eliminated from ‘MasterChef’ worth?
How much are the knives that are eliminated from ‘MasterChef’ worth?


Camilo Sáenz became the first eliminated from the new season of ‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’.

‘MasterChef Celebrity Colombia’, one of Colombians’ favorite reality shows, returned to national television screens and with it the difficult tests and the dreaded black apron that the participants are faced with.

For this season, 22 celebrities took on the challenge of testing their culinary skills in the most famous kitchen in the country and Since the first test they have been faced with difficult challenges that have already brought several tears.

This Monday, June 24, celebrities were faced with the first elimination challenge that left the first participant out of the competition.

Camilo, Ilenia, Martina la dangerous and Nina They were the first participants to face this difficult moment in which they left everything in the kitchen to convince the demanding jury made up of Jorge Rausch, Nicolás de Zubiría and Adria Marina who deserved to continue in competition.

On this occasion, celebrities at risk They could make a free dish inspired by their family to play for their place in the competition, however, one of them disappointed with their preparation and was eliminated.

It was the actor Camilo Sáenz, who prepared a steak tartare that, although they told him it was delicious, he did not surprise or manage to surpass the dishes of his companions.

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This is the cost of the knives that are given as a consolation prize to those eliminated

Although the biggest prize, in addition to the title, is the juicy prize of 200 million pesosthose who are eliminated from the competition do not leave empty-handed.

As usual, those eliminated receive cAs a consolation prize from the production, a set of Royal Prestige brand knives.

But this is not just any “consolation prize”, as it is a complete set of one of the most prestigious brands in the world of cookingwhich, as was known, Its commercial value ranges between 8 million pesos.

The set contains at least 12 elements including different knives, sharpener, scissors and more.

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