David Ostrosky, actor of ‘María la del barrio’ and ‘La casa de las flores’, died at the age of 66

His last job was in the telenovela overcome the absence where he played Homero Funes. the actor of Maria from the neighborhood he decided to retire in 2022 due to complications in his health.

the mexican actor David Ostroskyfamous for having participated in productions such as Maria from the neighborhood and the house of flowersHe passed away at the age of 66. The news was confirmed by the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) of Mexico, although without giving details of the circumstances of his death.

Mexican media highlighted that in April of this year the interpreter had announced his temporary retirement after being diagnosed with a tumor for which his arm had to be amputated.

This situation forced him to abandon his role as Homero Funes in the telenovela overcome the absence, since pain and discomfort prevented him from fulfilling his work commitments. A few months ago, in an interview for Televisa, David Ostrosky He talked about his diagnosis.

“Initially, the pain I felt was linked to my neck, but after an MRI it was confirmed that the pain was coming from my arm. I found out that I had a tumor in my arm,” he said.

Despite his condition, the actor did not miss the recordings, but the intensity of the pain was so great that it disabled him. “One day I couldn’t move anymore, I spoke with the producer Rosy Ocampo and I told her: ‘I can’t move, I’m here at home, I can’t go to the call,'” he said at the time.


David Ostrosky He was a renowned Mexican actor who stood out for his work in theater and television. He was born on December 1, 1956 in Mexico City. He has participated in a wide range of productions throughout his career, standing out in soap operas and plays.

He stood out for his versatility and acting skills, and managed to participate in numerous soap operas on the network. Televisaone of the main producers of television content in Mexico.

His television career began in the 1980s with the soap opera princessand throughout the following decades, he participated in a variety of productions such as Maria from the neighborhood the house of flowers and face to face that led him to be a familiar face for the Mexican public.

His last appearance in Mexican melodramas was in overcome the absence (2022). In addition to his work as an actor, he also performed stage management roles.

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