Piura In infernal shootout gang steals 29 thousand soles from casino | EDITION

Piura In infernal shootout gang steals 29 thousand soles from casino | EDITION
Piura In infernal shootout gang steals 29 thousand soles from casino | EDITION

Unstoppable assaults. Four heavily armed criminals entered a casino and after shooting the workers and customers with guns, they took S/29 thousand soles and four soles. The fleeing thugs shot at a police patrol car and saved one officer from dying. One of the alleged criminals was captured.

The incident occurred at 8 in the morning, when four criminals aboard two motorcycles violently entered the “Shangrila” slot machine, located on Loreto Avenue, block 5 of the city of Piura, and after attacking employees and customers, they seized more than 29 thousand soles, cell phones, among other valuables.

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Precisely when the thugs were leaving the casino, members of “Águilas Negras” arrived and a fierce chase began in the midst of a hellish shootout. One of the criminals shot at the patrolman and the PNP brigadier, Lester Jiménez Y. was saved from dying, because the bullet passed close to his head.

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After the chase, the police captured Marcelino Esteban HT (23), who would be one of the four criminals who attacked said betting place, and upon noticing the police presence, they fled the scene, firing shots, hitting one of them in the windshield. right front of the patrol car.

The criminals abandoned the motorcycle, Bajaj brand, pulsar model, red color, with license plate 5458-CP, the same one that presents a summons requested by the Second Civil Court of Peace – Piura, dated 04/24/2023. In addition, a firearm (revolver), supplied with 05 unfired cartridges and one fired cartridge.

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The subject, who was intervened on Av. Sullana crossing with Jirón Amazonas – Barrio Pachitea, was found in the personal search, 4 cell phones and a wallet that belonged to the injured parties. Being in flagrante delicto, he was detained and placed at the disposal of the DIVINCRI PNP Piura to continue with the investigations in accordance with the law, in coordination with the representative of the Public Ministry.

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