The Green has clear objectives

The Green has clear objectives
The Green has clear objectives

M de R / Diario de Chiapas
In the Green Party there is no division or rupture, perhaps differences, but that is not a sin or crime and with a good cup of coffee it is resolved, said Enoc Hernández Cruz, state coordinator for the formation of committees to defend the fourth transformation. in Tabasco.
At a press conference, the delivery of a first package of appointments to José Manuel Lizárraga, in Macuspana, was announced; Armín Marín Saury, in Emiliano Zapata; Abimael Santana, in Cunduacán and Clemente Villegas in Tacotalpa.
Likewise, appointments were given to Armando Martínez, Flor Lilian Mendoza and María de los Remedios García, in local districts 05, 10 and 19; as well as Miguel Ángel Pérez García and Marcela Avendaño Gallegos, as political operators.
During the talk with the media, Enoc Hernández Cruz stressed that the challenge of the Green Party in 2024 is to position itself as the second political force above the PRD, but to achieve this it is necessary to consolidate the presence of the Party in Balancán, Emiliano Zapata, Jalapa, Nacajuca and Macuspana.
He said that the national leadership is open to signing common candidacies in local councils and city councils as long as colleagues who have demonstrated political work and results in the 2021 electoral elections are taken into account to lead these projects.
Finally, he announced that he is in talks with prominent political figures from the municipalities of Centro, Cárdenas, Paraíso, Tenosique, Teapa, Jalapa de Méndez, Huimanguillo, Cunduacán, Comalcalco, Centla, Cárdenas and Jonuta.
He announced that next week new appointments of coordinators will be delivered, the Coordination offices under his charge will be inaugurated in Tabasco and there will be a visit from the Coordinator of the Third Circumscription of the Green Party Luis Fernando Castellanos Cal y Mayor.


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