They capture a minor who murdered five people in Huila, Colombia

They capture a minor who murdered five people in Huila, Colombia
They capture a minor who murdered five people in Huila, Colombia

The Huila Police managed to capture a minor known as alias ‘Mueco’, identified as the alleged perpetrator of at least five murders perpetrated in the municipality of Campoalegre.

This 15-year-old teenager was wanted due to numerous accusations that linked him to various homicides, and it is presumed that he was acting in collaboration with another criminal nicknamed ‘Flaco’.

The Police, upon making the arrest, indicated that ‘el Mueco’ was apparently being used or manipulated by criminal gangs to carry out murders throughout this year in Campoalegre, a town near Neiva.

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Against them, there are recordings from security cameras, interviews and evidence collected in the places where the homicides occurred, compiled by the judicial and criminal investigation section of the Huila Police.

One of the crimes attributed to the young man occurred on September 21, when he allegedly participated in the murder of a man related to micro-trafficking activities in the municipality.

The victim was attacked by gunfire. The Police stressed that the minor has been used to carry out homicides that are currently being investigated in Campoalegre.

After the capture, the minor was placed under the jurisdiction of the First Court for Adolescents of Neiva, which determined a security measure against him.

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Likewise, the alias ‘el Flaco’, who is being investigated for a crime, was also subject to security measures and was held in jail.


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