José Jaime Uscátegui will return to Colombia from Venezuela: this is known

José Jaime Uscátegui will return to Colombia from Venezuela: this is known
José Jaime Uscátegui will return to Colombia from Venezuela: this is known

From the Colombian Foreign Ministry they confirmed that the representative to the Chamber for the Democratic Center, José Jaime Uscategui, will return to Colombia this Saturday, April 20, after not being admitted to Venezuela.

Regarding the situation of the congressman, where alerts were raised by his team when he reported a disappearance after losing contact after landing in the neighboring country this Friday, the Foreign Ministry assured that the protocol was carried out after confirming that he was not admitted in the country.

“The Consul of Colombia was at the Maiquetía airport, where the Representative landed, and spoke with the immigration authorities, who informed her that the Representative was inadmissible,” they explained after a meeting between the foreign ministers, Luis Gilberto Murillo and his counterpart, Yvan Gil.

And they added that “The representative is in the so-called sterile zone (transit area) of the Caracas airport.”

This is why Uscátegui is expected to return to Colombia on the first available flight early this Saturday, April 20, in accordance with established migration protocols.

It should be noted that after the fact became known, the president of Congress, Iván Name, said that he rejects any “disobliging treatment” against Colombian congressmen by the government of Venezuela.

In addition, the president of the Chamber, Andrés Calle, sent an urgent message to the chancellor, Luis Gilberto Murillo, so that the whereabouts of representative José Jaime Uscátegui can be promptly found, and described the act as disrespectful and an “inadmissible offense.” ” to the legislative body by the Government of Venezuela.

Finally, the Democratic Center Party requested the “rapid and due diligence of the Foreign Ministry and the National Government” to guarantee the integrity of representative José Jaime Uscátegui, whose whereabouts were unknown for several hours after traveling to Venezuela.

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