Everything ready for the 1st Research and Innovation Conference 2024

Everything ready for the 1st Research and Innovation Conference 2024
Everything ready for the 1st Research and Innovation Conference 2024

May 2, 2024 – 08:03

The Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the UNCA (FACEN) is preparing everything necessary for the “First FACEN Research and Innovation Conference, Youth 2024” to take place, which will take place on May 14 and 15.

The dean, Lic. Beatriz López, indicated that “it is a day that we plan with our young researchers in mind. One of the aspects that must be promoted and consolidated is the scientific training that occurs within the disciplines that we teach in our Faculty. This is a space in which young people will be able to consolidate their scientific training, present their theses, (…) and research work, and all this is part of their training, in terms of the skills to present on topics and provide explanations to their students. peers and others.

“This synergy that occurs in these spaces is very important, because it produces multidisciplinary collaboration and this generates a multiplier effect, consolidating research,” considered the Dean, while adding that the space is also designed for holding workshops. and courses that the students of the Academic Unit can use to carry out their theses.

In this sense, López highlighted that these trainings will cover topics related to scientific publications, statistical data processing and others. “The idea is to provide tools to facilitate the writing of students’ theses.”

In turn, within the framework of the event, there will be plenary conferences such as “Why do we have to do research in National Universities? Why do we have to make innovation?”, which will be led by Dr. Silvia C. Kivatinitz, from the UNC (National University of Córdoba).

Finally, regarding the conference, the Dean remarked that “research and technological innovation are the engine of growth and development of our country.”


On the other hand, the same Faculty will soon begin teaching the second cohort of the Diploma in Cybersecurity, which is taught remotely in person. “We have many interested parties in this second cohort, registration is open and we are also very proud because, in addition, we have launched the Cybersecurity Technician, with a large influx of students.”

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