This is how teachers in Barranquilla will be cared for with the new health system

Since last May 1, the new health model for the Magisterium which brings together all public teachers in the national territory.

The Ministry of Health announced that with In this new health model there is a network with more than 1,500 health providers.d throughout the country.

According to the list published by FOMAG, which is the teaching fund, the provider selected for first-level health care in Barranquilla It will be the CONSALUD Comprehensive Health Cooperative.

Through a statement, The General Clinical Organization of the North announced that as of May 1, outpatient services were suspended at the Andes and Norte headquarters in Barranquilla because the teachers in these locations were not selected as primary care operators.

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“In our hospital network in Barranquilla – Mediesp, Inverclínicas – Clínica Murillo y Soledad-, Clínica General del Norte headquarters 1 and 2, in Magdalena the Clínica La Milagrosa and the General Clinic of Ciénaga and in Cartagena in the Clínica Blas de Lezo, Megaurgencias and Torrices, “We will be attending to vital emergencies and the services contracted by Fiduprevisora ​​to guarantee comprehensive, humanized and safe care that is part of our care model,” the Organization indicated in the statement.

Different teachers from Barranquilla approached the headquarters of the Fiduprevisora denouncing lack of timely information and stating that the transition time is not being met as indicated by the National Government.

“They suspended the service and sent us here, and the procedures and appointments that we had pending for this week are not being delivered to us, affecting our access to health,” said Libardo Osio, one of the teachers.

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The Departmental Board of Directors of the Association of Educators announced that, in the last few hours, there was a meeting with the Minister of Education, the president of Fiduprevisora ​​and directors of Fecode where they asked the Government to guarantee the attention of teachers in Barranquilla .

The ADEA statement states that Fiduprevisora ​​committed to delivering medicines, issue an official statement with the delivery points in Barranquilla and Soledad, the delivery of medicines is guaranteed in the municipalities where first-level services are provided, cancer patients will be able to choose between the OCGN Oncology Center and the Bonadonna Clinic for their care.Second level care is chosen by the patient, Consalud is the only center authorized to provide first level care in Barranquilla, and the General Clinic of the North must guarantee a safe and trauma-free transition for teachers and their family group.

Likewise, for the reception of cases of orders without authorization, the following email was enabled: [email protected], where the necessary data must also be sent relating to the case.

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