Without shining, Independiente beat Juventud Unida (SL) 2-0 and advanced in the Argentine Cup :: Olé

Without shining, Independiente beat Juventud Unida (SL) 2-0 and advanced in the Argentine Cup :: Olé
Without shining, Independiente beat Juventud Unida (SL) 2-0 and advanced in the Argentine Cup :: Olé

05/03/2024 4:44 p.m.Updated on 05/03/2024 11:35 p.m.

It was an exact clock hour that cost Independent -and a lot- to be able to let off steam and begin to direct their continuity in the Argentine Cup. The duel before United Youth of Saint Louis It had become more complicated than necessary. It was an even game where Rojo had the ball, but was not precise in the last meters and left some spaces in defense. That’s why his people got impatient and asked for a little more to avoid what had happened to the day before.surprised by Climbing Remedies Workshops.

After the League Cup blow, Carlos Tevez There was a lot at stake in a match that, due to the rival, had a lot to lose and little to gain. But he won it. Perhaps the most important thing was the message for the future. The notice that Rojo is recovered and found a quick reaction after what was that nightmarish night against Talleres, in which the coach’s continuity was in doubt.

For this match, Tevez started for the first time Santi Lopez and left a couple of heavyweights like Ivan Marcone and Gabriel Avalos, who ended up entering the ST to seek victory. Was it a message? Just looking for some new air?

Independiente found themselves with a very organized rival while maintaining zero. It usually happens in these games when the most difficult thing is to open the scoring. El Rojo was not a wave of arrivals by any means. In the PT, practically the only clear one was one from Canelo who, entering alone, threw it outside with the entire goal at his disposal. With Lucas González and López wide open, those from Avellaneda looked a lot for the overflow in the one-on-one to finish the play from the inside. The rival, in turn, barely attempted a poorly finished counterattack, but at least it bothered an opponent who was beginning to get nervous when he scored a goal that changed everything.

It was a dead ball. Just after 60 minutes of play, Canelo rose higher than anyone else inside the area and hit a great header to beat the veteran Taborda. There everyone understood that the party was beginning to be liquidated.

Forced, Juventud Unida was forced to advance its lines and all that order disappeared from one moment to the next. Every time Red had the ball and came out quickly, he was one pass away from leaving a player one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But always with some imprecision in that last touch to be able to finish the game. Ávalos had it but he threw it over the top and Canelo also missed the double. Until at 45′ Luna appeared and made it 2-0 for Rojo..

Independiente won, advanced and scared away any unpleasant surprise, the kind it had suffered very recently.

The summary of Independiente vs. Juventud Unida (SL) for the 2024 Argentine Cup

05/03/2024, 23:35

(VIDEO) Luna’s goal for the final 2-0

05/03/2024, 23:26

Full Time! Independiente 2 – 0 Juventud Unida (SL)

The Red will be measured with El Porvenir or Godoy Cruz in the round of 16

Independent .Fotobaires won

05/03/2024, 23:23

46′ ST | At 16 years old, Parmo debuts in the Primera de Independiente

05/03/2024, 23:22

45′ ST | 5 more minutes will be played

05/03/2024, 23:20

43′ ST | Luna’s goal to end the game! Independiente 2 – Juventud Unida (SL) 0

05/03/2024, 23:19

42′ ST | Juventud almost tied it with a Chilean!

05/03/2024, 23:12

35′ ST | The goalkeeper denied Ávalos the 2-0!

The Paraguayan defined almost in the six-yard box, but Taborda bailed out and denied him the shout.

05/03/2024, 23:05

28′ ST | Good shot by Luna, which went just wide

05/03/2024, 23:04

(VIDEO) Canelo’s goal for Independiente’s 1-0

05/03/2024, 22:58

21′ ST | Ávalos anticipated with a header and almost made it 2-0, but his shot missed by centimeters

05/03/2024, 22:52

16′ ST | Independiente goal! Canelo opens the scoring!

After a corner from Sporle, the forward connected with a header and sent the ball into the back of the net. Red wins 1 to 0.

05/03/2024, 22:49

13′ ST | Double change in the Red

  • Gabriel Ávalos and Alex Luna enter
  • Santiago López and Jhonny Quiñónez leave
05/03/2024, 22:46

10′ ST | El Rojo stalks his rival’s area, but cannot break the zero

05/03/2024, 22:36

Second half underway!

05/03/2024, 22:20

End of the first half! Independiente 0 – Juventud Unida (SL) 0

No goals at halftime. (Photobaires)

05/03/2024, 22:18

45′ PT | It’s going to be played one more minute

05/03/2024, 22:14

39′ PT | Independent had it! Canelo just had to push her, but the ball hit him on the thigh and he went out.

05/03/2024, 22:11

36′ PT | Good shot by Santi López, which was contained by Taborda

05/03/2024, 22:00

26′ PT | First approach by Juventud Unida, which tried with a medium-distance shot

05/03/2024, 21:52

19′ PT | Rubén Martínez tried from the outside, but his shot went over the top

05/03/2024, 21:42

9′ PT | Quiñonez connected with a header after a center from Isla, but the goalkeeper contained it without problems

05/03/2024, 21:40

7′ PT | Independiente dominates its rival at the beginning, but without generating clear chances

05/03/2024, 21:33

The game started at Ciudad de Lanús!

05/03/2024, 21:20

The arbitration shortlist of Independiente vs. United Youth (SL)

  • Referee: Fernando Rapallini
  • Assistant 1: Pablo González
  • Assistant 2: Erik Grunman
  • Fourth referee: Julián Jerez
05/03/2024, 21:10

The Independiente team to face Juventud Unida (SL)

Rodrigo King; Mauricio IslandJoaquin LasoAyrton CoastAdrian Spörle; Johnny QuinonezDavid MartinezGabriel Neves; Luke GonzalezAlexis Cinnamon and Santiago Lopez. DT: Carlos You look.

Thus forms Independent.

05/03/2024, 21:00

The starting XI Juventud Unida (SL) against Independiente

Cease taborda; Eber GarroJulian GomezGabriel OjedaJuan Manuel Marital; Martin GomezEzequiel RieraJoaquin LionMatias PersiaDamian Holes and you take Garro. DT: Walter Sanfilippo.

This is how Juventud Unida de San Luis comes out.

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