Aston Huila to second phase of Baby Fútbol • La Nación

Aston Huila to second phase of Baby Fútbol • La Nación
Aston Huila to second phase of Baby Fútbol • La Nación

Aston Huila qualified for the second phase of the Baby Fútbol Tournament in Colombia after participating in the first phase, based in the municipality of Garzón where 24 teams from across the department gathered. The tournament in the under 12 category, for children born in 2012 and 2013, is considered one of the most important organized at the grassroots level in the country.

For Alfonso Caballero, president of the Aston Huila club, the most important thing about this participation is to have managed to reach the local final and obtain a place in the next phase where they will seek to be in the grand national final held in the city of Medellín.

In addition, other objectives were achieved such as taking all the children who are in training within the club to live this experience in one of the competitions that has prestige throughout Colombia.

The distinction in fair play within the competition in Garzón was also achieved for the club. The top scorer was Yeison Rodríguez from the institution with 10 scores. The team’s two goalkeepers, Jaime Gahona and Juan Diego Monje, had the least beaten goal with just one goal against.

The final was lost due to penalties, but the main objective was achieved, which was to qualify for the second phase that will take place in the month of August of this year with teams from the departments of the south of the country, Nariño, Cauca, Putumayo, Caquetá and Huila.

Finally, the leader, on behalf of the administrative part and coaching staff, said that they are proud of these talents, he congratulates them and they know that they have a group to continue working harder, and continue achieving goals. He also congratulated the parents who believe and support this sports project.


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