The first workshop on Introduction to Municipal Public Finance was given

More than 200 representatives from various locations were trained in aspects related to financial administration at the local level, generating a space for dialogue and learning.

With the participation of officials from the Executive Branch and the municipal Legislature, representatives of municipal finances, the Treasury, Treasury and regional delegates from different locations, the first Introduction to Municipal Public Finances workshop was held.

In the Northern region, the training took place in Chos Malal, in the Central West, in Zapala; in the Confluencia region, in Neuquén capital; in the oil zone, in Añelo and in the South and central Limay, in San Martín de los Andes.

The topics addressed were: institutional and regulatory framework, fiscal relations with municipalities, municipal public budget, municipal tax structure and tax harmonization, co-participation law and commitment agreements.

Training in San Martín de los Andes.

The proposal was aimed at officials, financial representatives and municipal personnel linked to the Treasury and Collections of municipalities and development commissions and aimed to strengthen local management and promote a stronger link between the provincial government, the municipalities and the development commissions. .

The training was carried out jointly by the Ministry of Human Development, Local Governments and Women and the Ministry of Economy, Production and Industry, with the collaboration in the organization of the municipalities that hosted it.

The format of the workshop, which combined virtual and in-person sessions, allowed for broad and diverse participation, with more than 200 attendees from different regions of the province. This inclusive approach ensured that discussions were rich and relevant to local realities.

Training in Zapala.

The contents and their dictation were in charge of teams of technical professionals from the coordination of Fiscal Relations to Municipalities, dependent on the Undersecretariat of Public Revenue.

The results obtained through a satisfaction survey reflected a high degree of approval and assessment by the participants, as well as the quality of the organization and the relevance of the content. Most participants had little or no prior experience in the topic, and more than 80 percent had received no prior training in these areas.

The development of this first workshop had the support of collaborating institutions such as the Banco Provincia del Neuquén (BPN), the Neuquén Gaming Institute (IJAN) and also the representative Zulma Reina. Likewise, the collaboration of the host municipalities is highlighted for their dedication in the organization and facilitation of the venues.

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