Mary Trump says something that happened yesterday gives her hope for November

Mary Trump says something that happened yesterday gives her hope for November
Mary Trump says something that happened yesterday gives her hope for November

A Republican, former Lieutenant Governor for Georgia says he’s had enough of Donald Trump. In a scathing opinion piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Geoff Duncan said he planned to vote for Biden this November. This is despite disagreeing with the President on most policy issues. Mary Trump is among those to welcome his take.

Duncan was Lt. Gov of Georgia from 2019-2023. Before this, I served in the state’s House of Representatives.

In his article yesterday, Duncan said it was “disappointing to watch an increasing number of Republicans fall in line behind” Trump. Duncan believes the former President has “disqualified himself through his conduct and his character.”

Duncan wrote, “But the GOP will never rebuild until we move on from the Trump era, leaving conservative (but not angry) Republicans like me no choice but to pull the lever for Biden. At the same time, we should work to elect GOP congressional majorities to block his second-term legislative agenda and provide a check and balance.”

“Trump has shown us who he is. “We should believe him”

Duncan continued, “Trump has shown us who he is. We should believe him. To think he is going to change at the age of 77 is beyond improbable.”

He concluded by saying, “Unlike Trump, I’ve belonged to the GOP my entire life. This November, I am voting for a decent person I disagree with on policy over a criminal defendant without a moral compass.”

Duncan’s opinion piece was welcomed by many online, including Democrats and more moderate Republicans.

Mary Trump responds

One person also hearted by Duncan’s thoughts was Mary Trump. The gay psychotherapist has long been a vocal critic of her uncle, Donald Trump. She wrote the book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.

She said Duncan’s words gave her hope for November.

“Here’s the positive news I really needed today,” she said on

“This is what country over party means,” said Mary. “Duncan is illiberal. Not only is he a lifelong Republican, he is an extremely conservative one. His bold decision to cross party lines in the upcoming election, which in today’s climate can be seen as brave, is a significant departure from the usual Republican strategy of remaining in lock step no matter what.

“This break with Donald – and the party – is a sign of more positive things to come,” she continued.

“This election is not about loyalty or even politics, Duncan argues, but values ​​— it’s about acknowledging how dangerous it would be to have Donald back in the White House — and acting accordingly.”

In a follow-up tweet, Mary said, “I’m newly inspired.

“Keeping track of Donald’s actions can be a draining and disheartening task, yet it’s moments like these that help keep hope alive that the tide is turning against Donald.

“If Duncan is any indication, there are plenty of Republicans dissatisfied with Donald as their nominee. “We can reach them in swing states.”

Donald Trump threatens with jail for violating gag order

The Trump campaign has not reacted to Geoffrey Duncan’s op-ed.

Donald Trump himself may be more focused on his ongoing hush money trial in New York. Yesterday, Judge Juan Merchan suggested he might send Trump to jail if he continues to break his gag order. This seeks to bar him from attacking jurors, court officials and members of the judge’s family with comments or online postings. Donald Trump has already been fined $10,000 for violating his gag order ten times.

Mary also had something to say about that.

After the court adjourned yesterday, Trump suggested he was prepared to risk prison.

“This judge has given me a gag order and said you’ll go to jail if you violate it,” Trump told reporters. “And frankly, you know what, our Constitution is much more important than jail. It’s not even close. I’ll do that sacrifice any day.”

Despite Geoff Duncan’s endorsement of Biden, other Republicans remain committed to the idea of ​​backing the former President come November. Recent polls have had Biden and Trump jostling for the lead.

A CNN poll at the end of April had Trump leading Biden by six points (49 percent to 43 percent) if they are the only two candidates in the race.

However, in a new “average of polls” issued today by The Hill, Biden was a fraction ahead of Trump (45 percent to 44.9 percent). If you add Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to the race, the average of polls analysis put Trump ahead slightly at 41.2 percent, against 40.1 percent for Biden and 8.5 percent for Kennedy.

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