storm alert for the province

storm alert for the province
storm alert for the province

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) anticipates a Wednesday with a very high percentage of humidity and great chances of rain throughout the province of Entre Ríos. In addition, a yellow alert for storms is in effect that covers the entire Entre Ríos territory. This is how he will be time.

The yellow alert includes the 17 departments. Along these lines, the SMN warns that “The area will be affected by isolated storms, some locally strong. They may be accompanied by intense gusts, significant electrical activity, occasional hail and abundant falls of water in short periods. Accumulated precipitation values ​​are estimated between 30 and 50 mmand can be overcome in a timely manner”.

On the other hand, strong winds are expected for the afternoon hours.

This is what the weather will be like in Entre Ríos this Monday

In Parana the The minimum will be 10 degrees and the maximum will reach 18 degrees.. In the capital and surrounding areas, a day with storms is expected during the morning and then a lot of wind.

In Concord, meanwhile, awaits minimum of 11 degrees and a maximum of 20 degrees. A day with showers is also expected there until the afternoon.

In Gualeguaychu, Finally, it is expected minimum of 10 degrees and maximum of 18 degrees. As in the locations mentioned above, a day with a high probability of rain is expected.



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