They catch an alleged thief in Santiago de Cuba VIDEO

They catch an alleged thief in Santiago de Cuba VIDEO
They catch an alleged thief in Santiago de Cuba VIDEO

A group of Cubans caught an alleged thief in the heart of the city of Santiago de Cuba, according to reports on social networks.

The independent journalist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada reported that citizens did justice on their own due to the inefficient work of the local Police.

The report has attached a video in which you can see the moment in which the alleged thief from Santiago de Cuba was confronted by Cubans full of anger at the alleged illicit acts that this person committed.

The alleged criminal was captured on Calle Santa Rita, between Barracones and Callejón Santiago, in the heart of the city.

Although the incident has not been clarified, the subject tried to defend himself on the ground, claiming that he had not done anything, and in fact, asked that the police be called.

“The fact is not very clear, but, presumably, this man “had stolen a phone”, now at night, a criminal act for which we have no confirmation. Anyone who knows about this incident or knows the victim of the alleged thief can write to me privately. Also, I would like to know if anyone knows this man and he can be identified,” Mayeta Labrada wrote.

This alleged crime adds to the wave of crimes that are occurring on the island and that remain unpunished due to the lack of interest in protecting the population on the part of Castro officials.

This is happening on the island, while the Castro leadership shouts around the world that Cuba has the best police in the world, in an attempt to hide its inability to provide security to the population, which has left a balance of increased rates. crimes, and multiple violent deaths.

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