Night rains: key to the recovery of reservoirs in the center of the country, according to the CAR

Amid concern about the state of the reservoirs in central Colombia, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca (CAR) has shed light on the phenomenon that could be key in its recovery: nighttime rains. According to CAR experts, this rainfall plays an essential role in increasing the water levels of the reservoirs, essential for the supply of the region.

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The director of the CAR, Alfred Ignacio Ballesteros, explained that the absence of solar radiation at night significantly reduces water evaporation. This, added to a lower absorption of water by the vegetation surrounding the reservoirs, allows a greater amount of water resources to flow into them, thus increasing their volume. The situation is contrasted with daytime rains, whose benefits are usually minimized due to evaporation caused by the sun.

This year, the expectation of a wet period has been diminished by the El Niño phenomenon, which has brought with it higher temperatures and has affected the regularity and amount of expected rainfall. Although there has been rain, the increase in temperature the next day causes accelerated evaporation, reducing the positive impact on reservoir levels.

The CAR emphasizes the importance of rainfall occurring both during the day and at night, specifically in peripheral areas and basins that feed the reservoirs. However, the population is called upon to use water responsibly and moderately, to maintain a balance between supply and demand. The goal established by the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá of a consumption of 15m3 remains a distant objective.

Each reservoir is in a particular situation, influenced by the vegetation that surrounds it and the climatic conditions of its location. Therefore, the need to adapt water conservation strategies to each specific context is reiterated, in order to optimize water collection during rain events.

Director Ballesteros emphasizes the importance of understanding that not only the amount, but also the time and place in which the rains fall are critical factors for the recovery and maintenance of adequate levels in the reservoirs. The hope for recovery of these vital systems for the center of the country lies in water management that takes these variables into account, along with a constant community commitment to reduce water consumption.

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