May 23


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The local company Remises La Rioja will begin to offer trips with the Trami application. Trami works similarly to UBER and has prices almost the same as the American app. It is available for Android and iPhone.

With the aim of competing with UBER in the market, a ride-hailing company will begin to offer its services through an app with similar characteristics.

This is the company Remises La Rioja and with this app it is looking for a way to reinvent itself in the face of the emergence of UBER which, in just six months since its arrival in La Rioja, has already taken a good part of the market, mainly due to have a significantly lower rate than that of taxis and remises.

«We made an alliance with an application called Trami, which is already created and with everything as it should. The application is from a Riojan. In order to compete with UBER and update the working mechanism we decided to make this alliance and now Remises La Rioja will start working with this application. We are going to have some benefits, to compete we are going to go with discounts,” the owner of Remises La Rioja, Juan Carlos De Leonardi, commented on Riojavirtual Radio.

De Leonardi reported that the Trami application is similar to that of UBER and that it supports both the Android and iPhone operating systems.

The Trami application can now be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store and is now operational. As for prices, it offers trips with rates almost the same as those of the American app.

The app can be downloaded here.



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