Blood derivatives of Córdoba turned 60

The National University of Cordova (UNC) celebrated the 60th anniversary of the creation of Laboratory of Blood derivatives. Since then, it has consolidated like a pharmaceutical industry key in the production of medicines derived from human plasma.

He Laboratory of Blood derivatives of the High House of Studies of Córdoba, which emerged as a project strategic political for the country with the mission of elaborate medicines derived from human plasma, is celebrating. This year, the institution fulfilled its sixtieth anniversary. See Statement

In 1964 formally began its operationsThanks to the initiative of a group of professionals of the School of Medicine of the UNCYet the management of the president Arturo Illiawhich allocated the money for the construction of the fractionation plant of plasma proteins.

In their six decadeshe laboratory expanded its horizons, consolidating like a pharmaceutical industry with three productive units: UNC Hemoderivativeyes, UNC Biotechnics and UNC Drugs. Are units allow us to serve various needs of health of the populationproducing a broad range of medicines and essential medical products.

The ceremony for his 60th anniversary had the presence of the rector of the UNC, John Boretto; the vice chancellor, Mariela Marchisio; he Executive Director of the laboratory, Hector Gabriel Tavella; he general secretary of the UNC, Daniel Lake; the lieutenant governor of the Province of Cordova, Myrian Prunotto; he vice president of the Deliberative Council from the city, Sergio Piguillem; he secretary of Health of the Municipality of Cordova, Ariel Aleksandroff; members of the Better advice of the UNC, authorities of the different facultiesas well also staff of the laboratory and representatives of the Health sector.

During the celebrationthe rector John Boretto did reference to the relevance of the laboratory in history and development of the university and the country. “Blood derivatives is a reason for pride for the community and a living example of the social mission of the universitygiven that reflects our responsibility and commitment with the development of the country and the welfare of the community, sustained by six decades. This anniversary is a reaffirmation of our commitment with life and health of our community“, he expressed Boretto.

For his part, the Executive Director of Blood derivatives, Hector Gabriel Tavellastressed the public function and of service that fulfills the laboratory. “When we talk about concepts like innovation, donation, investigationwe talk about public sectorof State and of the public university in it role complete that corresponds. What characterizes the public sector It is being part of a cause. The big projects They carry time and they work for him future“, he pointed Tavella.

The lieutenant governor of the provincia of Cordova, Myrian Prunottohighlighted the worth of the laboratory in it current context: “In the time who lives countrywhen they put in doubt virtues and scope of the State and of the public universityhe Laboratory of Blood derivatives it’s a indisputable example of the irreplaceable worth of the collaboration between Academy and the State”.

It was also present Juan Martin Illia, grandson of the president Arturo Illia. “Today I would like tell youdarling grandfatherIn this place there is a seed that you threw and that today has converted in a big treethat blanket still your desiresAnd they are fine guarded. In this place you are no longer a forgotten bronzeyou are living examplethanks to men and women that during these 60 years they continue walking“, he claimed Illia.

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