reduction in the commission of crimes in May 2024

reduction in the commission of crimes in May 2024
reduction in the commission of crimes in May 2024

Compared to the month of May of the previous year, where 23 people lost their lives, so far this month a murder occurred in Sincelejobut Mayor Yahir Acuña Cardales assured in the last hours that the goal is that there is not one more case.

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According to the authorities of the capital of Sucre, various operations have impacted criminal structures in their various denominations, with the recent capture of Miguel Ángel Santos Borja, alias ‘Cigarrillito’.

This individual is accused by the National Police of allegedly being the head of hitmen from the criminal organization the ‘Norteños’. At the time of being located by the authorities, he had in his possession two firearms, more than a kilo of drugs and elements for micro-trafficking.

“We have achieved a reduction of more than 60 percent in homicides and other punishable conduct, which shows abysmal statistics. We will continue to perfect the strategy of the search block against multicrime, since the results are overwhelming,” said the mayor of Sincelejo. Yahir Acuña.

According to the leader of the Sincelejanos, these results are due to the alliance between the National Police, the Colombian Navy, the Army and the Attorney General’s Office, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office led by Acuña, who, from the beginning of his administration, he committed to “decisively combating all these criminal gangs.”

Aspect of the meeting between Mayor Yahir Acuña with officials.


Expanded table evaluates the panorama in the city

The extension of hours to night establishments was not authorized

The new data on the reduction in crimes was released during the most recent session of the expanded security table, which constantly evaluates criminal behavior in the city.

“In order for the security strategy, through the Search Block, to continue yielding favorable results, the administration of Mayor Yahir Acuña did not authorize the extension of hours to night establishments,” he recalled.

Likewise, through intelligence work, the Multicrime Search Block located and captured the alleged leaders of the Gulf Clan hitmen for prosecution, Jorge Eliécer Narváez, alias Jorgito, and Régulo Manuel Peña, alias Régulo.

They are accused of committing multiple murders in rural areas and of being the driving force behind the criminal economy of this structure.

They invite citizens to report

For Mayor Yahir Acuña, it is also key to continue stimulating and promoting the culture of citizen complaint, he understands that with more community participation Security in the city will be further increased.

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He added that “the decision to continue working to minimize criminal acts is unwavering,” highlighting that the authorities’ statistics show how Sincelejo is the city that “has made the most progress in terms of security on the coast and will work 24/7 to provide tranquility, peace and well-being for the inhabitants.”

“Our decision is to ratify and position Sincelejo as the safe city,” said Mayor Acuña.


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