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Police presence will be redoubled in the capital and interior

Police presence will be redoubled in the capital and interior
Police presence will be redoubled in the capital and interior

He also added that “we have recently acquired vehicles that are linked to 911, to be much more efficient for our neighbors, every time they call and request any type of assistance to that number. These vehicles are equipped and we hope to acquire more to put them on the road and to be permanently at the service of the people.”

“As we always say, always walking the street and doing prevention,” defined Corro.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Public Services of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy, Guillermo Marenco, said that “we have deepened the actions by virtue of the fact that we have been able to combine the tasks and with the entire Police team of the province of Jujuy, “That means there will be a greater presence.”

He also added that “we have the support that we sometimes need to be able to articulate the operations that we carry out with the staff of the General Directorate of Transit and Transportation of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy. Obviously, this speaks of joint work that means a greater presence, much more homogeneous tasks and sharing criteria that point to a better quality of life for our neighbors.”

Finally, the Chief of Police, Javier Tejerina, added that “since the implementation of the management centers starting at the beginning of the year, we are focusing on what is a greater presence on the streets to strengthen security and prevention towards the citizens of Jujuy.”

“These saturation or majority presence operations are being carried out on the streets periodically. We have decided to concentrate all the personnel that have been throughout the city, since we want it to be visible, so that the citizens of Jujuy know that there are units that are participating from the management centers: firefighters, drug trafficking, investigation brigade and on this occasion “We are joined by personnel from the Traffic Directorate who are collaborating with vehicle control on the streets.”

The Chief of Police Javier Tejerina participated in the event; Deputy Chief of Police Milton Sanchez; the Municipal Secretary of Public Services, Guillermo Marenco; the Secretary of Complex Crimes Ernesto Albin; Provincial Director of Community Relations Camilo Atim and the Vice-Rector of the IUPS, Simón Cabezas.

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