Isabel Pantoja cancels her concert on June 14 in Córdoba

Isabel Pantoja cancels her concert on June 14 in Córdoba
Isabel Pantoja cancels her concert on June 14 in Córdoba

Isabel Pantoja ha cancelled he concert What was this next going to offer? June 14th in Cordova. It was the promotion company Eternidad Eventos that made the announcement of the cancellation of the recital that was going to take place starting at 10:00 p.m. at the Axerquía Theater.

Through social networks, the company has confirmed the cancellation of the tonadillera’s recital within the tour 50 years Isabel Pantoja in which it has also announced that the ticket money will be “automatically refunded within one to seven business days.”

But, what is the reason why Isabel Pantoja is not going to perform on June 14 in Córdoba? Well, according to the same statement it is due “to disagreements between tour companies“In addition, the one in the capital of Cordoba has not been the only one affected, since the singer has also canceled her performances planned in Nerja (Málaga), scheduled for July 13, and Sotogrande (Cádiz).

“We share your disappointment and apologize for the inconvenience,” adds the statement, which also states that The money for the Córdoba concert tickets will begin to be returned From this one Next Monday, May 27.

Despite the cancellation, the company has expressed confidence “in being able to offer you new dates soon” for an upcoming Isabel Pantoja concert.

Given this announcement, the journalist Antonio Rossi revealed this morning on the program We’ll see of Telecinco that the singer will sing in Córdoba and Cádiz and that it will do so with other development companies, although no date has been announced.

On May 16, the singer had to issue a statement to inform about her health condition given the alert generated by the cancellation of several professional commitments. The state of health of the tonadillera was a mystery for his followers who were pending his evolution, which would determine his return to the stage. To clear all doubts, The singer clarified how she is currently and when will he resume the concerts he had planned on his agenda.

Thus, the tonadillera, once recovered from the slight indisposition, was going to resume the concert tour, which had to be suspended due to her health problems on April 30 where she was to perform in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Leaving aside her health problems, the Sevillian tonadillera has been in the news in recent days for her outstanding absence from the communion of his grandson Albertothe son of Isa Pantoja and Alberto Isla. The Pantoja clan was not represented at this family event, since Isabel’s absence was compounded by the absence of Anabel Pantoja, who had to fly to the United States, and that of Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales, who do not maintain any type of relationship with Isa Pantoja.

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