It’s a matter of respect

It’s a matter of respect
It’s a matter of respect

“Yes, it was me. If they talk bad about my girlfriend, am I going to stay silent? It goes along with the fact that they are talking bad about a person I want to defend. “It’s a matter of respect.”, the Chinese defended themselves.

“You’re right about that, but since you played a good, crystal-clear, calm character, out there, standing up, confronting her… she was already insulting everyone,” stood out Ceferino Reato.

“I may be a quiet person, but I have the right to defend the person I love,” Martin responded. “The theme is the form”, said Laura Ufbal. “Did they say I said it in a bad way?” the former participant asked himself.

There, Furia, who was sitting next to the rest of her companions, intervened: “Thank you. The Bro played good for a long time and are great Machiavellians. I never knew what they were talking about or how they play, that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. There were three times in which you insulted me and stood up and there were also players who are sitting here and were not sanctioned. Juliana was sanctioned. There is a whole trajectory within our game. So, you didn’t reach the limits. “Juliana reached her limits and was punished very strongly.”

“The reality is that it is very good that you defend yourself, because it is perfect, because it comes from the heart, but the issues of the heart are what make us lose our game a little, because the best game we had was the one with the head” , he added.

“I think the Bros always remained very respectful, they always treated everyone very well”he said, for his part, Catherine Gorostidi.

The analysis made by the four finalists after the departure of Martín Ku from Big Brother

Last night Martin Ku had to leave the house Big Brother (Telefe) after losing hand to hand with Nicolas Grosman by telephone voting. His departure was surprising to both the public and his colleagues, who later analyzed the reason for the people’s decision.

After the participant crossed the door, Bautista Mascia, Nicolás Grosman, Darío Corti and Emma Vich They became the four finalists of this edition, although none of them could overcome their astonishment.

“So? It was unexpected.”Darío released after saying goodbye to Chino. However, he then pointed at Nico and added: “It was very likely that this would happen. I told him so.”

“And well, that’s where they charged it”, Bauti contributed, referring to revenge for having been the one who took Furia out of the house in the previous elimination gala.

After Darío he continued with the talk and expressed: “No, but it wasn’t so much for that. I think it was more for… for another reason. But, well, he left. Maybe he left completely. With a house… it’s more than enough.”

“He is very happy, the three of us said it, it was because of the people. She enjoyed it and was unstoppable. “Out of the ordinary, that’s why he is our friend,” Nicolás concluded about his friend’s departure.

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