After Misiones’ claim, the Corrientes Police also asks for a salary increase

current police salary

The Ministry of Security was scheduled to receive the request from the retired agents yesterday, something that ultimately did not happen, so they had to make the presentation to the authorities of the Police Headquarters, as reported in NEA TODAY.

The last increase announced by the Government of Corrientes was 15% in April. Given this, retired agents continue to demand “an urgent salary restructuring that will get us out from under the poverty line.” Currently, The average salary of a member of the Corrientes Police (with a child) is around $531,000, according to the information that members of the force shared with the aforementioned media.

The salary claim of the Corrientes troops occurs within the framework of the critical situation that the Misiones Police are going through, who since Friday, May 17, have been concentrated in a camp in front of the headquarters of the Radioelectric Command I of Posadas waiting of a negotiation with the provincial government for their salaries.

In recent days, teachers’ and public health unions from Misiones joined the claim, choosing to take over the ministerial building, awaiting official responses.



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