What is it about? – Publimetro Colombia

What is it about? – Publimetro Colombia
What is it about? – Publimetro Colombia

The city of Cali will host the largest Biodiversity Summit in the world between October and November of this 2024, a world-class event that brings together 196 countries from all continents to talk about the actions they have taken to conserve the planet’s environment.

That is why Colombia will have the responsibility of presenting a national and international action planachieve a consensus between nations, propose new approaches, programs for indigenous people, Afro-descendants and peasants in the Kunming-Montreal World Biodiversity Framework.

With this presidency we hope to influence the international biodiversity political agenda in the coming years. We have called this agenda ‘Peace with Nature’, which aims to bring about important changes that allow society as a whole to reconcile with nature,” said the Minister of the Environment, Susana Muhamad.

Objectives of COP16 in Colombia

Another of the Colombia’s objectives for COP16 is to contribute to the financing of compliance with the goals of the global framework approved in Canada. Thus, it will have results with Germany, France and Kenya, to open financing processes. “With the good news of the biodiversity fund, which is now operational, we are on track to meet the financing goal by 2025. We believe that we need a new form of financial relationship, a new international financial pact to take on the triple planetary crisis: biodiversity , climate and pollution.”

It is also planned to evaluate the actions of the countries to comply with the 23 biodiversity goals by 2030 and follow up on the commitments made by each country at COP15.

Finallythe Minister of the Environment, indicated that Colombia will make the effort to establish a framework for access to benefits from digitalized genetic chains and genetic resources.

“In conversation with the network of megadiverse countries, it was identified that this is a debt of the Convention on Biological Diversity that must be settled with priority to advance within this fair framework,” he pointed out.


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