Coyhaican artist tells how he created the winning design of the mascot of the Araucanía 2024 Games

Coyhaican artist tells how he created the winning design of the mascot of the Araucanía 2024 Games
Coyhaican artist tells how he created the winning design of the mascot of the Araucanía 2024 Games

Roger Leviñanco has a vast career as a designer. He checks the details.

In November, the Araucanía-Aysén 2024 Binational Games will be held in the Aysén Region, a sporting event that will bring together athletes from Argentina and different regions of southern Chile in Coyhaique and Puerto Aysén.

In February, the Ministry of Sports (Mindep) Aysén held a contest to choose the design of the mascot that will represent the identity of the region and the values ​​of the Araucanía Games.

Roger Leviñanco, along with his design of a chucao nicknamed “Chúo”, was the big winner of this contest. In conversation with Aysén Regional Newspapertells the origin of the winning design.

Originally from Coyhaique, Roger has a great career as a designer, although he graduated as an editorial designer, his passion has always been illustration and since 2020, he has dedicated himself to this art.

The desire to participate in the mascot contest comes from his university days, where he always wanted to achieve something beautiful with his profession, so he decided to participate in the contest.

“I was working with a friend and he mentioned to me that soon there would be a contest to design a mascot, then it became official on social media that it was to design the mascot for the Araucanía Games, so I entered to participate,” Leviñanco mentions.


The designer points out that he chose Chucao because, in addition to being representative of the Aysén Region, he loves the Cinchao hill in Coyhaique and whenever he visits it with his family, he sees this type of birds roaming around the trees in the area.

“I really like Cerro Cinchao, when it gets dark, the hill dresses in orange, so there is a correlation of colors, the chucao has an orange chest and the hill has that tone. I saw in the chucao the option to apply a transformation and be able to follow a graphic line very similar to what the Olympic games are. It is a bird that I had already drawn and I appreciate it very much,” says Roger.

“It is super nice and motivating on a professional level to be able to contribute to culture, since as a graphic designer, you enjoy your profession and being able to leave a mark on the region, in an instance like the Araucanía Games it makes you feel fulfilled.” ”, he adds.

“I did it on purpose”

Roger says that the contest did not have a stipulation to name the pet, however, he did it anyway. “I did it on purpose. “I took away a couple of letters from Chucao and it was Chúo,” he says.

On May 15, the contest closed to choose a name for this Chucao that will represent the Araucanía 2024 Games, where Mindep Aysén will choose what name the mascot will have.

Roger Leviñanco is not far behind and mentions what he would like it to be called. “I would like the name chosen to be something more familiar, neither a name of a person nor a place,” he concludes.

To learn more about Roger Leviñanco’s work, you can visit his social networks: Instagram: @rogerlevinanco and Facebook: Roger Leviñanco Garrido.

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