Milei, on the future of Nicolás Posse: “After the Bases Law, the entire Cabinet is under analysis”


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President Javier Milei did not rule out a possible departure of his Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse, and assured that after the outcome of the Base Law there will be a review of results, which will include all ministers.

“When you manage you have milestones, the first milestone of this government is the outcome of the Base Law, marking that milestone, we have to make an evaluation of results. Not only Posse, but all the ministers,” Milei emphasized.

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In statements to the LN+ channel, the national leader assured: “All” officials are reviewed. “You reach that milestone, you review everything,” stressed the head of state, on a day in which rumors grew about the departure of the head of ministers from his position.

When asked specifically about whether Posse was still in Casa Rosada, Milei did not respond, but said: “Whoever didn’t work out, changes.”

“If Bases leaves, we have to go to the second half, (Federico) Sturzzenegger enters as minister,” exemplified the President and said that he acts as a “direct technician” who does not assemble the team the same if he plays against Real Madrid as against “ Takes sparks”.

Day of rumors

The Chief of Staff became the center of attention this Thursday for his possible resignation, a version that circulated throughout the day, despite the Government denying his departure from President Javier Milei’s team. His striking absence at the presentation of the head of state’s book this Wednesday at Luna Park fueled the rumors.

The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, in his usual press conference, denied his resignation and stated that if any change occurred in the organizational chart of collaborators he would officially inform it. “With respect to the versions, it joins so many others that I have denied since December 11. We went through (Guillermo) Francos, (Sandra) Pettovello, (Luis) Caputo, me, and now Nicolás Posse and involving Patricia Bullrich,” posed Adorni.

This Thursday Posse attended Casa Rosada and led the weekly meeting of ministers without the presence of Milei or the general secretary of the Presidential, Karina Milei, who would be the most upset with the chief of staff.

Nicolás Posse was not present at the presentation of President Javier Milei’s book at Luna Park. Credit: NA

As it was learned, the failure to attend the President’s show at Luna Park was linked to the growing unrest that exists between Posse and the rest of the libertarian small table.

“If at any time a worthwhile change occurs, I will communicate it. It happened at the time with a minister, and there is nothing that has happened. The version is not very relevant because internally we had a two-hour cabinet meeting,” Adorni stressed, while denying the chances that the current Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, will succeed him in office.

Milei and Posse worked together at Corporación América of businessman Eduardo Eurnekian and for more than 10 years they maintained a working relationship. With the arrival of the libertarian in the political arena, Posse joined the team and remained among the people closest to him.

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