Almost 26,000 applicants risk entering the University of Antioquia on Monday

Almost 26,000 applicants risk entering the University of Antioquia on Monday
Almost 26,000 applicants risk entering the University of Antioquia on Monday

If you are going to apply to start studying at the University of Antioquia During the second half of this year, In theory it has a 25% chance to obtain a place for higher education. This is so if we take into account that for 25,889 people registered for the admission exam that takes place next Monday and There are 6,318 seats available for both the main campus in Medellín and the regional headquarters.

Of the total figure mentioned above, 19,351 people will take the test in the capital of the department (University City and Ciudadela Robledo) while 5,759 will do so on the campuses located in the regional headquarters and 789 will be measured at the test virtually, a modality which has been implemented in recent years and which allows inhabitants of other areas of the country to aspire to a seat at the alma mater Paisa without having to incur travel expenses.

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According to UdeA sources, during this period the institution offers 144 academic programs. Of them, 75 correspond to the careers that take place in the capital of Antioquia, plus 59 that are taught in the different regions of the department and 10 in virtual mode. On this occasion, 16 programs are part of the offer for the signing deaf population.

3,612 places are being opened for the headquarterswhile 1,746 are for regional campuses and for virtual programs, 960 in total.

The statistics of the higher education educational center also indicate that of the total number of candidates to have a chair in their classrooms, 95% belong to strata 1, 2 and 3that is, they have the possibility of being subsidized.

If a distribution is made by gender, the 57% of those registered are women and 43% men, And if you specify the origin in terms of whether they come from public or private education, the statistics indicate that 76% are high school graduates from State educational institutions.

He Time to answer the evaluation is a maximum of three hours. In the morning it starts at 9:00 am and goes until 12:00 m.; and, in the afternoon, it is from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Consequently, This Sunday there will be no entry to the main campus or the Robledo headquarters for students for preparing the spaces for the decisive day, and on Monday, for carrying out the tests. However, in the other locations in the city there will be academic, research and extension activities as normal.

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Later, the June 13, the institution will publish the list of those admitted on your web portal.

Recommendations for applicants:

The UdeA published on its website a series of recommendations that are worth considering so that those who wish to enter are not disappointed on the day of the tests:

Arrive with enough time to enter, know and locate the place where you must take the test. On the first day, the University will allow applicants to enter the facilities from 7:00 am. For those who are scheduled for the 3:00 pm session, entry will be enabled from 1:00 pm.

Entry to the University is allowed up to 15 minutes after the start of the test and the applicant will have another 10 minutes to reach the assigned place. After 25 minutes of the initial time, you will not be allowed to enter the place assigned on the credential.

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It is essential to present, to enter the exam site, an original identity document that can only be: Identity card (for minor nationals); citizenship card (for citizens of legal age); immigration card (for foreigners residing in Colombia); original password issued by the National Registry of Civil Status with fingerprint and recent photo (for applicants whose identity document is in process); proof of identity document in process issued by the National Registry of Civil Status, with recent photo and fingerprint; valid passport, with photo and fingerprint (for nationals and foreigners); driving license issued after 2013, with photo and fingerprint.

If you do not bring your identification document, you will not be allowed to take the exam or it will be cancelled, as the case may be.

Entry to the University is not permitted without the corresponding printed or digital credential.

Only the use of a pencil sharpener, eraser, number 2 black pencil, valid identification document and printed or digital credential will be permitted.

Applicants who take the test in person are not permitted to use communication or electronic devices such as: personal computers, mobile phones, intercoms, recorders of any format, modems, digital cameras, headphones, music players, calculators, digital agendas, among others, in the facilities defined by the University for carrying out the admission exam. Failure to comply with this measure is cause for cancellation of the test.

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Applicants will not be allowed to bring vehicles into the University – cars and motorcycles. It is important to arrive early, at exam time the transportation system and entrance to the University are congested.

The applicant must sit in the seat assigned by the accompanying classroom teacher. When you receive the exam and the answer card, you must verify that the credential number matches the exam number and the answer card number. If not, immediately inform the accompanying classroom teacher. Answering an exam with a number different from the one on the credential causes the test to be cancelled.

Once the exam is finished, it is necessary to give the admission test booklet with the signed answer card to the teacher in the classroom. Failure to comply with this measure is cause for cancellation of the exam.

Taking the admission exam at times, days or places other than those established on the credential is not permitted.

Consult the results of the admission exam on the University Web Portal following the route: >> Study at the UdeA >> I passed to the UdeA.

Any attempt at fraud in the presentation of evidence will be sanctioned under the terms of Superior Agreement 429 of August 26, 2014.

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