I would begin to apply disruptive education in the Valle Viejo school system

I would begin to apply disruptive education in the Valle Viejo school system
I would begin to apply disruptive education in the Valle Viejo school system

May 25, 2024 – 01:10

The different blocks of the Chamber of Deputies agreed with the implementation of disruptive education, which could begin to be implemented in Valle Viejo once the transfer of the municipal system to the province is completed.

In this framework, the Minister of Education, Dalmacio Mera, presented last Thursday before the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies the scope and benefits promoted by the implementation of disruptive education in the province, which seeks the integration of the technology of learning and knowledge at all educational levels and modalities established in Law No. 5381.

He provided a detailed report on this mode of work that is intended to be applied in the educational system, in order to promote the opinion of the different actors in education. He explained that the Lower House has a bill and a draft decree sent by the Provincial Executive, so they must establish through which modality the initiative would be approved.

“Given the eventual transfer of the Valle Viejo educational system to the orbit of the province, we found an opportunity to begin to implement this disruptive education system,” said the minister while ensuring that all the legislators of the different blocks that who make up the Education Commission provided their endorsement to evaluate the feasibility of the implementation of this work methodology.

“The legislators shared the urgent need for this reality of digital life that our young people have to be accompanied from formal education, through the necessary tools, so that when they finish the course they can develop in life without problems and with all those tools. of capabilities, learning, mathematical and computational thinking that disruptive education proposes,” he expressed.

Mera explained that if the Legislature approves the decree sent by the Executive Branch, the incorporation of the new system will be in pilot schools, where a detailed diagnosis will be carried out to then monitor the implementation and measure the impact. To achieve this, it will be applied through a transversal curricular design, where all educational practices are centered on the student through active learning, with emphasis on an increasingly globalized and digital world. She was forceful in stating that proposing disruptive education does not imply eliminating traditional teaching methods but rather updating, improving, changing and transforming them to achieve effective results and explore new teaching possibilities.

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