They will deepen the fight against illegal trade

They will deepen the fight against illegal trade
They will deepen the fight against illegal trade

A working group was formed to combat illegal trade in the Province. Sectors of Economy, Production, Labor, Security, Gendarmerie and Chambers of Commerce worked on an agenda of topics for this purpose.

The Minister of Economy and Public Services, Roberto Dib Ashur, participated; the Secretary of Public Revenue, Soledad Claros, secretaries of State and directors of the ministries involved; the president of the Salta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Gustavo Herrera, and members of the SMEs Chamber.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Dib Ashur spoke with those present about the critical economic situation of the province and the country.

“We are here to agree on solutions since in addition to the fact that the economic situation is difficult because our companies are having difficulty selling due to lower purchasing power, the exchange rate has changed and merchandise is entering from other countries, so there is smuggling. “, he pointed.

And he continued: “We understand that we have to take care of each other, we have to combat illegal trade, it seems fundamental to us, and be close to our SMEs that generate the overwhelming majority of jobs in Argentina.”

Subsequently, the Secretary of Public Revenue explained that in Salta there are 5 fixed checkpoints and a mobile truck that travels throughout the province.

Provincial checkpoints

* Fiscal Control Post km 8 (former Aunor) on National Route No. 9, km 1588.

* Vaqueros Fiscal Control Post on National Route N°9, km 1608, border between Salta Capital and Vaqueros.

* El Naranjo Fiscal Control Post on route No. 9/34, Km 1438.5 Rosario de la Frontera.

* El Quebrachal Fiscal Control Post located on route N°16.

* Salvador Mazza Fiscal Control Post located on route 34.

On the other hand, it was reported that a new post is being built in Salvador Maza and the creation of another in Puna, with functions for mining, is being evaluated.

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