Justice and citizenship must not be mocked

Justice and citizenship must not be mocked
Justice and citizenship must not be mocked

The rulers of Santander must remember that justice is the basis of an equitable and prosperous society, and that its majesty must not be sullied. We call on the authorities to respect and abide by the judges’ decisions.

In the municipality of Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area, it has become common for authorities to partially or totally fail to comply with judicial rulings, seriously affecting citizen confidence in the justice system and public institutions. A few days ago, Vanguardia presented ten emblematic cases where, despite the fact that the rulings protected the rights of the community, local authorities have ignored their legal obligations, leaving citizens in a state of lack of protection and helplessness.

Now, through this route of apathy, key rights such as that of guardianship are being extinguished, since the impact of these actions is null if the authorities do not comply with the rulings, as is what happens in the case of the El Carrasco landfill. , given that despite the fact that a judge years ago ordered its closure and dismantling, it continues to operate, as if nothing had happened. This non-compliance is not only a lack of respect for justice, but also a threat to the health and well-being of the residents of the El Porvenir neighborhood and the Bucaramanga metropolitan area.

Another unfulfilled ruling, which affects the quality of life of all Bumangueses, is the one related to the control of informal transportation. And despite the sanctions imposed on mayors for not implementing effective measures, piracy continues to grow, since this mockery of justice stimulates illegality and insecurity in urban transportation.

The case of Villa Helena is equally or more devastating, because after a decade of waiting, 160 families continue to live in deplorable and dangerous conditions, ignored by the authorities who should have facilitated their relocation.

The new mayor of Bucaramanga and his officials must understand that the rights of citizens must be respected and that the authorities must act quickly and effectively to comply with court orders, but for this it is essential that governors and directors of state entities understand the seriousness of their inaction and the urgency to comply with what the judges order.

And these are not just particular cases: education, a fundamental right, has also been mocked. Despite the failures that have sought to improve educational conditions, progress is limited and the quality of education remains poor. This negligence affects the future of thousands of children and young people and, therefore, the development of society as a whole.

It is time for the Bucaramanga authorities to also assume this responsibility with seriousness and commitment, also understanding that this is the essence of the function they perform with the State.

Rulers must remember that justice is the foundation of an equitable and prosperous society, and that its majesty must not be sullied. We call on local authorities to respect and abide by the decisions of the judges, as corresponds mainly to those who represent the Government, without empty promises or unjustified delays, because at the end of the day what is being violated are the rights of the citizens. citizens.

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