“Allen has a healthy municipality thanks to the adjustment of expenses”

Allen’s birthday and combines patriotic celebrations with artistic acts for the community. This Rio Negro town celebrates its 114th anniversary with many social and economic expectations. With projects in the pipeline and others underway, the new management renews its commitment to neighbors. This year there are several announcementsin addition to enjoying the parade and later the presentation of shows for children and adults.

Our assumption was very particular. There was practically no transition. The day we took office as the new management, the outgoing mayor was not there. But despite the obstacles that we had to overcome from the beginning, We managed to accommodate the deficit of 180 million pesos that was in doubt among other urgent tasks,” said Marcelo Román, community chief.

The cemetery wall was completed, one of the pending local works.

“We found ourselves with a destroyed vehicle fleet, almost no tools and little room for maneuverability. There was no budget for anything. Nevertheless, we adjust expenses as much as possible and we were even able to carry out the National Pear Festival. This was thanks to the work and effort of the Government team that accompanies me“Román recalled.

For the first time, after 24 years, the event was held in front of the municipality. “We knock on doors, We spoke with businessmen, local businesses, we had a lot of support from neighbors. Everything was programmed before, but from the outside. It was organized in almost a month, tight. We gave value to local and regional artists,” he said.

This year the National Pear Festival was held in front of the municipality and with a lot of effort.

Today we have no debt. We have a healthy municipality. We have had 2 joint disputes that we were able to overcome with good dialogue. We adjusted and a few days ago, between what we started doing, we finished the cemetery wall that had been collapsed for more than 1 year“explained the mayor. “It was decided and we faced it. We turn to local companies and take advantage of the human resources we have to complete the work. We try to optimize resources and not waste. We have to maintain balance, that’s what we try to do.”

After the second semester there will be some announcements regarding public works, anticipated the municipal leader. “We present three balances, of the last 3 years. Two from the previous management and one of ours that was presented in April. Being up to date will allow us to access credit and obtain everything that is beneficial for the municipality.”

There was renovation of lighting in different squares.

“As to works we have 2 pending that we are managing, at the provincial level. One is the work of gas for the neighborhood November 11, which is already budgeted and according to the Minister of Public Works, Alejandro Echarren, it would be released for the 2nd semester. And that of Malvinas neighborhood, which had been abandoned, is being paid for with national funds. This advance would benefit about 650 families between the Vidriera and Islas Malvinas neighborhoods,” he commented hopefully.

More shops and a running track

Regarding the economic and commercial They have managed to open 70 new businesses in different areas soon. “We are committed to optimizing services, but prioritizing face-to-face relationships with people. We understand that it is difficult, but we know that we must give new entrepreneurs a chance. In some ways, we are lax in terms of requirements and we accompany you in the process. Also in the new Industrial Park, where there are two companies for now, The preliminary project for the implementation of a photovoltaic park is completed. “It is clean energy that will attract attention and engagement for the location of other companies in the city,” he added.

“We have a ambitious project which is in front of the Integración park and behind the stage of the amphitheater: a athletics track, with volleyball and soccer fields, all done with community collaboration. In these few months of management we have We optimize services such as changing lights in public spaces such as Plaza San Martín, benches have been placed, accesses cleaned to the town. We also put emphasis on social work and a few days ago We start with Road Safety Education talks in schools together with the Transit department,” said Román.

Sports schools add disciplines so that more kids can join.

We moved the Environment offices to the old hospital. We set up a nursery and started with a greenhouse. The idea is to renovate the place to decentralize the municipality. Besides We are in negotiations to have the services of Anses in the town,” concluded the communal chief.

Celebration, parade, music and raffle

Today the festival is decorated with the protocol events in the Patricio Piñeiro Sorondo square at 2 p.m.. Then the opportunity will be for the different institutions of the city since they will have their place in the parade. It is worth remembering that National celebrations are added to the local anniversary. And the fun starts at 5:30 p.m. with the presentation for the little ones (and adults too) of Fixed Gear. He will kick off the varied lineup of shows.

Later it will be the turn and presentation of Patagonia Cultural Foundationwill also be present Southernershe Soul and Passion Folkloric Ballet, Juli Aranda, The Class Band and the stellar closing will be at full speed with the Band XXI at 10 p.m. The day of celebration will end with a millionaire draw that will benefit a local institution.

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