Retirees from the Río Negro Police will also have their “extraordinary reparation”

The payment of “extraordinary reparation” to the police for the poor settlement of the concept of unfavorable zone will reach the retired.

The provincial government has not yet resolved the final proposal, that is, whether the 4,000 retired Rio Negro police officers will be directly incorporated into the same asset regime or, on the contrary, a different design will be implemented.

Retirees are not covered by law 5715 which was sanctioned as a government offer to those in uniform who initiated lawsuits or may do so, since the Province registered various unfavorable judicial rulings.

Thus, the rule aims to close this channel of demands and proposes a unified response, with an accession period until December 27 and cancelable in 18 monthly installments. The retirees register negative rulings by the Federal Justice, considering their current membership in the Anses orbit.

The officials marked that judicial difference by excluding liabilities from the proposed regime. It only contemplates those currently retired who served between January 2021 and December 2023, responding to the term not yet prescribed.

After the technical proposal for active personnel, the ruling party is now analyzing a political offer for retirees, with an initial meeting in Roca of the Minister of Security, Daniel Jara with the different Retired centers, who delivered a bill that, in general terms, extends the payment of “extraordinary reparation” to liabilities.

There were no conclusive promises, except for the evaluation of the requirement by the Executive, although Governor Alberto Weretilneck would have already indicated his analysis to Jara and his Treasury counterpart, Gabriel Sánchez.

The most evident sign of the path marked by the president was in the sayings of the president of the ruling party, Facundo López, who advanced the government’s “will” to “find a mechanism so that retirees can access the reparation implemented for the active sector.”

Currently, it is being calculated what cost this expansion could have, while There is still no estimate of disbursements on active personnel, which will depend on accessions and whose first cancellations will begin in June.

In a newsletter, López recalled that the law “only contemplates active personnel” because its “objective is comply with a ruling of the Río Negro Justice, endorsed by the Supreme Court. For this reason, he insisted, it was not possible to give the same treatment to retirees,” who “do not have that judicial recognition.”

The head of the JSRN bench stated that “We will work on an alternative to see the viability of similar recognition for retirees”. Any inclusion will require reform of Law 5715, passed in March.

What is the procedure like for active police officers?

In the quest to “simplify” the procedures for joining the “reparation”, the provincial government announced the implementation of a computer system called “Unfavorable Zone”.

This support, accessible through the Police Intranet/Extranet, will enable “agents request the Annex IV form, automatically generating the request to the Salary Department” of the institution.

The police information clarifies that this requirement “It is informative and does not require adherence to Law No. 5715.”

The statement recalls that “to adhere to the Law on Repair of Unfavorable Areas, Interested parties must present the Annex to the Ministry of Labor or the nearest delegation., along with his personal lawyer. If they do not have one, they will be assigned a free lawyer in the same organization.

At the workplace, the uniformed officer will sign the “Adhesion Form to Law No. 5715”, and The voluntary membership period will expire on the “last business day of the current year”, that is, December 27.

The Labor portfolio «will establish Ad Hoc delegations in Valcheta, Ramos Mexia, Ingeniero Huergo and Maquinchao starting in June.

The provincial law approved last March only includes retirees who were active between January 2021 and December 2023.

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